Pure Trance, Vol. 2: 50 Trance Classics mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Pure Trance, Vol. 2: 50 Trance Classicsby Various Artists

  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:26:41


1.The Emerald (Icone mix)by Inertia8:42
2.Bully (Parc remix)by Narthex7:42
3.Exactly (Giuseppe Ottaviani mix)by O'Callaghan & Kearney7:47
4.Tabla Mizma (Robert Nickson remix) (and Robert Nickson)by Thomas Datt8:30
5.The Temple (original mix)by O'Callaghan & Kearney6:35
6.The Instigator (original mix)by Greg Downey7:26
7.Drop (original mix)by Sean Tyas8:51
8.Pendulum (Axel Karakasis mix)by O'Callaghan & Kearney6:36
9.Tears of Hope (Aly & Fila remix)by Deems8:51
10.Glorified (original mix)by Graham Gold8:11
11.Viewpoint (original mix)by Icone8:32
12.Ten 4 (Onova remix)by Ben Gold7:25
13.Headless Horseman (original mix)by Tom Colontonio7:26
14.Lift (John Askew rework)by Sean Tyas8:24
15.Conscience (original mix)by Simon Bostock7:39
16.Asura (original mix)by Manuel Le Saux9:17
17.Rulebook (Bryan Kearney's 'Out the Window' remix)by Sean Tyas6:40
18.True Colours (original mix)by Gary Maguire6:03
19.Set in Motion (original mix)by Mike Nichol8:49
20.I Am DJ (Niklas Grosswald remix)by Matt Hardwick8:00
21.Black Out (Simon Patterson remix)by John Askew6:51
22.Phoenix Burn (Activa remix)by Thomas Datt7:12
23.So Far Away (original dub) (feat. Elles de Graaf)by Mike Nichol9:20
24.The Witch (original mix)by John Askew8:21
25.Things We Will Never Forget (original mix)by Manuel Le Saux8:00
26.Speed of Light (original mix) (and Thomas Datt feat. Senadee)by Chris Hampshire7:21
27.Steam (Light mix)by Ian Buff7:48
28.Falling Stars (original mix)by Vol Deeman7:12
29.Lost Memories (original mix)by Cenk Basaran8:07
30.Home (original mix) (and Alex Collings)by Trilucid6:55
31.The Bends (original mix)by Lisa Lashes6:47
32.Better Late Than Never (original mix)by John Newall8:44
33.Northern Heights (original mix)by Dave Horne8:19
34.#teamlesaux (original mix)by Manuel Le Saux7:25
35.Pioneer (original mix)by Liam Wilson8:28
36.Trainwreck (original mix)by Origin6:31
37.Code Zero (original mix)by Jamie Drummond6:49
38.Sunbed (original mix)by Gebriel Brothers6:47
39.Lumineux (original mix)by DJ Ange7:50
40.So On, So Forth (Jamie Walker remix)by Johan Ekman7:56
41.Here and Now (album edit) (feat. Ben Heyworth)by Thomas Datt5:57
42.Atocha (original mix)by Ian Buff9:02
43.Broken Empire (original mix)by Jimmy Chou7:18
44.Uprising (Estigma remix)by Sy Gardner8:32
45.The Experiment (original mix)by Peter Plaznik8:22
46.Spy Game (original mix)by CBM6:56
47.Splint (original mix)by Matthew Dunne7:46
48.Lockdown (original mix)by James Rigby8:08
49.Precious (Darren Porter remix)by Manuel Le Saux7:48
50.Possibility (vocal mix) (and Peter Hulsmans)by Tiff Lacey6:43

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