Pure Trance, Vol. 4: 50 Trance Classics mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Pure Trance, Vol. 4: 50 Trance Classicsby Various Artists

  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:11:08


1.Vainqueur (7am at Heavens Gate mix)by Arc in The Sky8:31
2.Nairobi (vs. Rankey)by Realm F8:16
3.Restricted Motionby O'Callaghan & Kearney8:56
4.Full Metal Swordby Jay X7:46
5.Bodhisattvaby Manuel Le Saux6:38
6.Magenta (Janina T remix)by Skyborn6:48
7.The Optimist (and Grez Turner)by Liam Wilson8:01
8.The Door (John Askew remix)by John Askew7:53
9.Distant Cryby Sholan7:46
10.Nightfallby Rich Smith7:02
11.Sagittariusby Icone8:28
12.Across the Edge (John Dopping Void)by Thomas Datt6:30
13.Starsby Laura May8:49
14.Nailed to the Skyby Andy Cain8:08
15.Ultra (feat. Scudiero)by Astuni6:21
16.Haywire (Kinetica remix)by Robbie van Doe7:26
17.Exactly (Matthew Dunne remix)by O'Callaghan & Kearney8:14
18.Rebornby Pinkque5:22
19.Rageby Ciro Visone7:32
20.Drop Bearby Gareth Weston7:27
21.Duality (and Glynn Alan)by Dave Wright8:00
22.Catharsisby Ehren Stowers7:04
23.Second Dropby Peter Hulsmans7:08
24.Nitric (Darren Porter remix) (and Rhys Thomas)by Ally Brown5:50
25.Midnight Blueby Matthew Dunne8:07
26.By My Side (and Gary Maguire feat. Lisa Abbott)by CLSM6:58
27.The Chamber (Liam Wilson remix)by Inertia8:09
28.Freezing Pointby Daniel Skyver7:18
29.Don't Walk Away (Peter Hulsmans Premium Rush)by Bissen & Tiff Lacey6:51
30.One More Dayby Stuart Millar6:09
31.Silent Nightby Proyal8:21
32.Ninety Four (Liam Wilson remix)by Chris Hampshire7:31
33.Chasing the Sunby Jimmy Chou8:11
34.A Dream of Peace (Neptune Project remix) (vs. Aly & Fila)by Amadeus7:53
35.Childsplayby Drama7:29
36.Famous (Bryan Kearney remix)by Kaeno & Denzo6:33
37.Still Aloneby Thomas Datt7:29
38.Don't Leave Meby Activa7:33
39.Slamby Jase Thirlwall8:15
40.Whatever Wheneverby Ian Buff6:38
41.Invaderby Garry Noon7:57
42.Quarantine (Future Antics remix)by JP Bates6:12
43.10.5by Woody van Eyden7:22
44.#teamlesaux (Harmonic Rush remix)by Manuel Le Saux6:58
45.Alpha Maleby Billy Rutts7:21
46.Pegazby The Cracken6:21
47.Hard but Not 'ardby H.E.P.7:39
48.Lunar Moduleby Alvaro Santis7:32
49.Air Guitar (original)by John Askew7:47
50.Global Codeby Greg Downey6:38

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