Rachmaninoff Edition, CD15 mp3 Artist Compilation by Sergei Rachmaninoff

Rachmaninoff Edition, CD15by Sergei Rachmaninoff

  • 32 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:13:44


1.At the Gates of the Cloister (U vrat obiteli svyatoy)3:02
2.Nothing shall I say to you (Ya tebe nichevo ne skazhu)1:49
3.Again, you are bestirred (Opyat' vstrepenulos' ti, serdtse2:09
4.April, a festive day! (Aprel'! Veshniy praznichniy den')2:04
5.Dusk was Falling (Smerkalos)2:39
6.Song of the disenchanted (Pesnya razocharovannovo)3:00
7.The flower died (Uvyal tsvetok)3:20
8.Do you remember the evening (Ti pomnish' li vecher ¿)2:31
9.Op.4 No.1, O no, I beg you, do not leave1:45
10.Op. 4 No.2 Morning1:49
11.Op.4 No.3, In the silence of the secret night2:42
12.Op.4 .No.4, Sing not, O lovely one4:20
13.Op. 4 No.5 Oh, my field4:04
14.Op.4 No.6, It wasn't long ago, my friend1:49
15.Op.8 No.1, Water Lily1:18
16.Op. 8. No.2 Child, your beauty is like a flower1:39
17.Op. 8 No.3 Thoughts, reflections3:01
18.Op. 8 No.4 I fell in love, to my sorrow2:19
19.Op. 8 No.5 A dream1:22
20.Op. 8 No.6 Prayer3:13
21.Op. 14 No.1 I await you1:46
22.Op. 14 No.2 Small Island2:11
23.Op. 14 No.3 How fleeting are love's delights1:31
24.Op. 14 No.4 I was with her1:16
25.Op. 14 No.5 Summer nights1:36
26.Op. 14 No.6 You are loved by all2:05
27.Op.14 No.7, Do not believe me, dear friend1:35
28.Op.14 No.8, Oh, do not grieve2:56
29.Op.14 No.9, She is as beautiful as midday2:35
30.Op. 14 No.10 In my soul2:34
31.Op.14 No.11, Spring torrents2:10
32.Op. 14 No.12 It is time!1:34