Rachmaninoff Edition, CD21 mp3 Artist Compilation by Sergei Rachmaninoff

Rachmaninoff Edition, CD21by Sergei Rachmaninoff

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:06:35


1.Prelude Op.23 No.01 in F sharp minor - Largo3:15
2.Prelude Op.23 No.02 in B flat major - Maestoso3:39
3.Prelude Op.23 No.03 in D minor - Tempo di minuetto3:17
4.Prelude Op.23 No.04 in D major - Andante cantabile4:30
5.Prelude Op.23 No.05 in G minor - Alla marcia3:40
6.Prelude Op.23 No.06 in E flat major - Andante3:31
7.Prelude Op.23 No.07 in C minor - Allegro2:37
8.Prelude Op.23 No.08 in A flat major - Allegro vivace3:20
9.Prelude Op.23 No.09 in E flat minor - Presto1:48
10.Prelude Op.23 No.10 in G flat major - Largo4:05
11.Nocturne No.1 in F sharp Minor4:44
12.Nocturne No.2 in F Major4:07
13.Nocturne No.3 in C minor3:52
14.Song Without Words1:20
15.Corelli Variations Op.42 - Theme - Andante1:02
16.Corelli Variations op.42 - Variation 01 - Poco più mosso0:47
17.Corelli Variations op.42 - Variation 02 - L'istesso tempo0:39
18.Corelli Variations op.42 - Variation 03 - Tempo di menuetto0:37
19.Corelli Variations op.42 - Variation 04 - Andante0:56
20.Corelli Variations op.42 - Variation 05 - Allegro (ma non tanto)0:20
21.Corelli Variations op.42 - Variation 06 - L'istesso tempo0:21
22.Corelli Variations op.42 - Variation 07 - Vivace0:27
23.Corelli Variations op.42 - Variation 08 - Adagio misterioso1:02
24.Corelli Variations op.42 - Variation 09 - Un poco più mosso1:16
25.Corelli Variations op.42 - Variation 10 - Allegro scherzando0:34
26.Corelli Variations op.42 - Variation 11 - Allegro vivace0:21
27.Corelli Variations op.42 - Variation 12 - L'istesso Tempo0:32
28.Corelli Variations op.42 - Variation 13 - Agitato0:41
29.Corelli Variations op.42 - Intermezzo - A tempo rubato1:26
30.Corelli Variations op.42 - Variation 14 - Andante (come prima)1:05
31.Corelli Variations op.42 - Variation 15 - L'istesso tempo1:17
32.Corelli Variations op.42 - Variation 16 - Allegro vivace0:37
33.Corelli Variations op.42 - Variation 17 - Meno mosso1:16
34.Corelli Variations op.42 - Variation 18 - Allegro con brio0:34
35.Corelli Variations op.42 - Variation 19 - Più mosso - Agitato0:30
36.Corelli Variations op.42 - Variation 20 - Più mosso - Coda2:30
Who is the greatest pianist you've never heard of? I think I have discovered him on Brilliant Classics' Rachmaninoff Edition, specifically CDs 21, 22, and 23. He is Santiago Rodriguez, a Cuban-born musician who specialises in Rachmaninoff's very difficult music. Of course, all the greats have performed and recorded the Russian's piano compositions, for instance, Horowitz, Richter, Ashkenazy, Ogdon, etc., etc. In my opinion, Rodriguez deserves to be in their company. His playing of Rachmaninoff is extraordinary and compelling. A good example is the Prelude No.1 in C sharp minor, probably the composer's best-known solo piano piece. Most recordings last about four and a half minutes. A few go over five. Rodriguez's recording on this collection clocks in at six minutes and ten seconds! That means he plays it very slowly indeed, and if you are used to the normal tempo it takes a bit of getting used to. But the ear quickly adjusts and I found it to be the most thrilling performance of this work I have ever heard. On all the Rachmaninoff pieces here, Rodriguez plays with great power and great feeling for the music. His approach to Rachmaninoff is individual and once you've heard these performances there is no going back. At this price, it's a no-brainer.