Radio Cinéola Trilogy mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Radio Cinéola Trilogyby Various Artists

  • 120 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:29:15


Disk #1

1.Announcementby Matt Johnson0:30
2.This Is the Dayby Thomas Feiner6:43
3.Slow Emotion Replayby Meja Jullersten43:57
4.Weatherbelleby Thomas Leer4:09
5.Gravitate to Meby Elysian Fields5:06
6.Bugle Boyby Colin Lloyd-Tucker3:18
7.Pillar Box Redby Anna Domino3:36
8.December Sunlightby Liz Horsman3:49
9.Bluer Than Midnightby Charlotte etc.3:08
10.Love Is Stronger Than Deathby Tom Bright4:56
11.Phantom Wallsby Gillian Glover5:26
12.We Can't Stop What's Comingby The The4:14
13.This Is the Nightby Willis4:33

Disk #2

1.Introductionby The The0:39
2.Atmosfearby The The0:50
3.A Long Hard Lazy Apprenticeshipby The The0:34
4.Fear of Known Thingsby The The0:22
5.Atmosmearby The The0:18
6.Nothingby The The0:44
7.An Explanationby The The0:34
8.How Little How Farby The The0:19
9.Atmostearby The The0:17
10.Consolationby The The0:28
11.The Challengeby The The0:25
12.Atmoshearby The The0:34
13.Suddenlyby The The0:26
14.The Rites of Indolenceby The The0:42
15.Yellow Afternoon of the Soulby The The0:39
16.Tense Offeringby The The0:35
17.Creationby The The0:35
18.Ceremonyby The The0:46
19.A Time of Reckoningby The The0:37
20.Art and Erosby The The0:25
21.Suddenly Againby The The1:57
22.Lying on My Sideby The The0:48
23.A Wednesday in Augustby The The0:30
24.Molassesby The The0:30
25.That Time of Dayby The The0:31
26.I'm Not Tiredby The The0:38
27.Tapedby The The0:16
28.Chair, Sofa and Bedby The The0:36
29.Leaden Afternoonby The The0:29
30.Inaction Figureby The The0:35
31.The Islandby The The0:55
32.Butterfly Springsby The The0:15
33.Rush Hourby The The0:27
34.Butterfly Pingsby The The0:09
35.Droningby The The0:33
36.The Legacyby The The0:21
37.Drowlerby The The0:13
38.The Shadows of Purposeby The The0:29
39.Accomplishmentby The The0:41
40.Time Moves, but Not Iby The The0:40
41.Another Dayby The The0:18
42.Butterfly Ringsby The The1:27
43.Gaslightby The The0:23
44.Ruinous Tranquilityby The The0:55
45.Beautyby The The0:40
46.Daysby The The0:42
47.Inured to Otiosityby The The0:29
48.Blood Streamsby The The0:21
49.Anomic Otiosityby The The0:35
50.The Measure of a Manby The The0:45
51.Elsewhereby The The0:46
52.Alien Lungsby The The0:36
53.View From a Hillby The The0:36
54.Born Winner, Self-Made Loserby The The0:50
55.Dust Falls Regardlessby The The0:26
56.Drenchby The The0:08
57.Riveting Torporby The The0:28
58.Drenchedby The The0:14
59.The Prime of Lifeby The The0:45
60.Entitlementby The The0:43
61.Lifelong Lean Periodby The The1:03
62.Point Hopeby The The0:24
63.Room With a Voidby The The0:39
64.The Arrivalby The The0:53
65.Figment to Filamentby The The0:52
66.Constancyby The The0:44
67.Ode to Invented Melancholyby The The0:36
68.Improvidenceby The The0:26
69.This Dayby The The0:19
70.Feelingsby The The0:45
71.Point Hopeby The The2:38

Disk #3

1.Introductionby The The0:32
2.Between the Living and the Deadby The The2:50
3.The Late Stationby The The2:13
4.William Engdahlby The The0:27
5.Wireless Tripby The The1:38
6.Zoe Hepdenby The The0:32
7.When Tomorrow Becomesby The The1:55
8.Night Flightby The The1:02
9.David Edwardsby The The1:07
10.Same Face Different Maskby The The1:53
11.Wireless Shipby The The1:35
12.Abdi Assadiby The The0:31
13.Wargasmby The The1:38
14.Here Come the Dronesby The The2:51
15.Secretumby The The1:32
16.Lucinda Rogersby The The1:25
17.Spyrographby The The1:55
18.The Divided Selfieby The The0:32
19.Neil Sandersby The The2:11
20.Between Raindropsby The The2:25
21.Digital Dystopiaby The The0:43
22.Marian St Laurentby The The1:44
23.Missing Peopleby The The2:22
24.Radiophoniqueby The The1:14
25.Neil Clarkby The The1:19
26.The Watchers and the Watchedby The The1:41
27.The Invisible Empireby The The1:26
28.Wireless Blipby The The0:19
29.William Engdahlby The The1:13
30.The Future Isn't What It Used to Beby The The2:25
31.The New Normalby The The1:31
32.David Edwardsby The The0:20
33.The Space Between Wordsby The The0:29
34.The Veil of Amnesiaby The The1:22
35.Goodnightby The The1:01
36.Every Secret Lifeby The The2:09