Rare Italo Disco 80 by Various Artists

Rare Italo Disco 80

by Various Artists

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:05:47


1.Drives Me Crazy (Original 12 Inch Mix)by Peter Jacques Band6:31
2.Step By Step (Extended Version)by Koxo7:26
3.Stop (Ben Liebrand Remix)by Valerie Allington6:15
4.Overnightby Nord Est6:03
5.Are You Ready (Remix)by Kenny Claiborne6:30
6.The Beast in Me (Maxi Single)by Silence 26:49
7.Love Is Coming (Maxi 12 Inch.)by Firefly5:06
8.Kalimba de Luna (Original 12 Inch Mix)by Macho4:42
9.Sounds of Humanoid Kindby E.T.M.S.6:46
10.Young Men (Club Version)by Nite Lite6:47
11.Wot Timesby Model 11-298:33
12.One Million Starsby James Kahn8:04
13.Turn On Your Radioby Nobel6:35
14.Hollywood City (Vocal Version)by Midnight Gang3:31
15.Stay (No Time) (Maxi 12 Inch.)by Firefly5:53
16.Crazy Boyby Tato6:51
17.Shake It Up (Long Vocal Mix)by Koxo7:04
18.A Little Love a Little Wine (12 Inch. Mix)by Flowchart5:54
19.Your Door? (Maxi 12 Inch.)by Firefly4:24
20.Moonlight Shadowby Silence 24:26
21.Baby Don't You Knowby Nite Lite7:25
22.Kiss the Powerby Firefly5:10
23.This Night (Special Promo Remix)by Peter Jacques Band6:54
24.Let's Make It (M. Foltz Remix)by Valerie Allington5:20
25.Be Free (12 Inch Mix)by Dr. Togo6:14
26.Supercoolby Kash7:09
27.Overnight (Dub)by Nord Est6:29
28.Goodtime Babyby Silence4:05
29.Young Men (Instrumental Version)by Nite Lite6:39
30.Wot Times (Instrumental Version)by Model 11-296:12