RaveBase: Raver's Paradise, Phase 2 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

RaveBase: Raver's Paradise, Phase 2by Various Artists

  • 22 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:22:16


Disk #1

1.Da Capo (Classic Rave mix)by Perplexer5:55
2.It Takes Me Away (Core remix)by Marusha4:53
3.Stoned Faces Don't Lie (Oliver Lieb remix)by Andreas Dorau7:24
4.Signs of Lifeby Meteor Seven6:39
5.Love Song (Mark'Oh remix)by Mark 'Oh4:50
6.Rave Olympia (Enter the Arena) (live)by Members of Mayday5:57
7.Eiskaltby Genlog6:59
8.I Need Love (extended version)by Microwave Prince6:00
9.Spacetribeby Humate7:07
10.Tri Top (Humate remix) (feat. Steve Bug)by Phax7:02
11.El Trago (The Drink) (Euromix)by 2 in a Room6:18

Disk #2

1.Back to Unity, Part 1by Sequential One5:09
2.Heartsby L.S.G.7:43
3.My World (Visual Valley mix)by Paul van Dyk4:17
4.Easy Love (remix 2)by Planet B.E.N.8:48
5.The Dancing Nations (remix)by Hardsequencer6:14
6.Redemptionby RMB6:37
7.Atmospheric Forcesby Analog Communications7:35
8.Sacred Cycles (Positive Elements mix)by Pete Lazonby9:44
9.The Choiceby Jens6:12
10.Smile on Your Face (Steves Baltes remix)by Pech5:09
11.Acid Folk (Exit EEE remix)by Perplexer5:44

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