Ravermeister, Volume 8 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Ravermeister, Volume 8by Various Artists

  • 25 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:35:41


Disk #1

1.Perpetuaby Transa6:45
2.You Betterby The O-Zone4:35
3.Ensamble (Massive mix)by Sonar6:53
4.Who Is Clintonby DJ Buzz8:33
5.Fuzzby Schizophrenic Phrogs7:02
6.Oblivion (and Gianni Agrey)by DJ Ciro5:28
7.Back in Time (Mega'Lo Mania remix)by StarGate6:40
8.Turn of the Yearby B-Voice5:35
9.Virtual Experienceby Cocooma3:44
10.Morphing Personality (Mutation mix)by Ze-Bu5:22
11.Drink (Racoon mix)by The Pitcher6:50
12.Saturn (Mind Up mix)by Starfield4:33
13.The Rhythm (Full on Acid mix)by Mike Nero Project6:06

Disk #2

1.Tear It Upby Mega 'Lo Mania6:22
2.Calling Earth (DJ Erik's Total '97 Reconstruction mix)by Yves Deruyter6:23
3.Diabolo (original mix)by Magnetic Slides6:21
4.Final Cutby Slipstream6:33
5.I Want You (and A Man Like Benny)by Dr. Strangelove7:29
6.Flamesby Monochrome7:17
7.Spacerider (Shuttle mix)by Code-305:27
8.Pure Energyby Andy jay p.7:10
9.I Can't Hear Yaby Lord Michael8:19
10.Let the Future Be a Dreamby Oson3:45
11.Sweatby Eclipse6:40
12.1991by DJ Tatoo5:49