Reclaimer mp3 Album by Shadow of Intent

Reclaimerby Shadow of Intent

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 58:34


1.We Descend...2:15
2.The Return4:46
3.The Horror Within6:11
4.The Catacombs (feat. Jason Evans & Dickie Allen)4:44
5.The Mad Tyrant's Betrayal5:14
6.The Gathering of All (feat. Aleksandr Shikolai)4:21
7.The Heretic Prevails4:48
8.The Prophet's Beckoning (feat. Tom Barber)5:05
9.The Forsaken Effigy4:05
10.The Great Schism4:22
11.The Mausoleum of Liars4:50
12.The Tartarus Impalement7:53

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