Recollections mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Recollectionsby Various Artists

  • 72 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:27:19


1.Journey Pt. 1 (with Arturo Höst, Quadrivia, Emily Koch & lia;quo)by Ponderous Loop4:28
2.Let There Be Light (feat. Chi-Chi)by Exiark5:22
3.Togetherby L.M.4:26
4.Vivoby Faulty4:32
5.Memory Laneby JoinedTheHerd4:00
6.New Journeyby Foozogz4:13
7.Solidarity (In This Together)by PrinceWhateverer4:50
8.Not Much To Miss (feat. EileMonty)by 4EverfreeBrony3:38
9.My Monstrosity (feat. 4EverfreeBrony)by L-Train4:26
10.Better Off (and GatoPaint)by Metajoker4:22
11.Her Nightmareby Frozen Night6:55
12.Always Thereby Radiarc5:34
13.Waking Up Alone (feat. Metajoker)by DJT4:10
14.Unaware (feat. PegasYs)by EVRLST3:05
15.Insane (feat. Sora)by Synthis4:33
16.It's Raining Now (and TCB)by Homage5:00
17.Have Here (and NeverLastStanding)by loophoof6:04
18.Subconscious (PegasYs & Pinkie Rose Remix)by Budzy3:58
19.Glimmer Timeby Silva Hound3:49
20.Into The Wildby AnNy Tr3e3:45
21.Clear Skies VIPby UndreamedPanic5:08
22.Where Is Your Heaven Nowby Midnight Musician4:26
23.Celestial Dance VIPby John Kenza3:44
24.Dimensions (feat. Lorris)by Budzy3:30
25.Keysby 174UDSI3:54
26.Just Tell Przewalski's Ponies3:52
27.On Wings Of Moonlight (feat. 1004Lights & Megan McDuffee)by Aurelleah5:36
28.Night Queen VIP (and Felicia Farerre feat. PrinceWhateverer)by Jyc Row4:27
29.Step! Buck! Leap! Touch!by Mane In Green3:33
30.Keep The Beat Aliveby BroniKoni3:59
31.What More Can I sayby Flittzy3:41
32.Blue (feat. 4EverfreeBrony)by AlicornAscension5:14
33.Fly Like You (feat. Brittany Church)by The Wasteland Wailers5:31
34.Hello Commanderby Replacer4:03
35.Night Light (ThatMusicBrony Remix) (and Bank Pain)by UndreamedPanic3:35
36.Flutterwanderby iblank2apples3:26
37.Besties (and R3CTIFIER)by DJT3:41
38.Life Still Left In Me (and Chi-Chi)by Exiark5:12
39.Vardøger (and Ponderous Loop)by Arturo Höst7:11
40.Start Again (IKX Remix) (vs. LutariFan & ThatMusicBrony)by ExplodingPonyToast4:07
41.Spooky Ghost Buggos (and DJT)by Suskii4:50
42.Horizonby StrachAttack4:57
43.Witchcraft & Wubberyby AJ Young4:32
44.Insane (feat. Sora) (L.M. Remix)by Synthis5:16
45.Dawning Light (and RoomVR)by Nevermourn4:29
46.Iridescence VIP (and Age of Vinyl)by Hay Tea5:09
47.Still Blind (Sky Runner Remix)by Filly in the Box3:30
48.Ironsight Carouselby Bank Pain4:31
49.Ultimate Wolfpuncher (and Arturo Höst)by Quadrivia6:25
50.Hop, Skip & Jump Upby Tripon4:39
51.Upshotby MEQA6:09
52.Stealer Of Magic (feat. Ponysphere & Chris Wöhrer)by Osoch4:21
53.Withdrawn Tribes (and SDreamExplorerS)by Velvet R. Wings3:59
54.The Flightless Fury (feat. Razor Tongue)by Reverbrony8:37
55.Malefactorby Quicksilver2:31
56.Changes (feat. GhostXb)by StealingShad3z4:25
57.Cold Feet Pt. 2by Francis Vace2:33
58.Would Stayby loophoof6:53
59.Only One (R3CTIFIER Remix)by TCB4:10
60.Stratosphereby Hydra5:58
61.Advanced Magicby Eksoka4:57
62.Spirit Animalby MrMehster5:44
63.They're Comingby Totalspark3:41
64.Crimson Eleganceby Zizkil4:39
65.Pots & Pansby Syzy3:14
66.Polar Opposition VIPby TPressleyJ3:36
67.Arfby Mantlegen4:16
68.Guardian (Reprise)by Einarx2:53
69.Shadowsby Seventh Element5:09
70.The Hour Of Twilightby Zephysonas5:00
71.Train Bellsby Wandering Artist2:57
72.Dark Ascensionby Mufaya4:19