Red Rose Speedway (Special Edition) mp3 Album by Paul McCartney & Wings

Red Rose Speedway (Special Edition)by Paul McCartney & Wings

  • 27 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:51:04


Disk #1

1.Big Barn Bed3:50
2.My Love4:08
3.Get On The Right Thing4:17
4.One More Kiss2:30
5.Little Lamb Dragonfly6:24
6.Single Pigeon1:53
7.When The Night3:38
8.Loup (1st Indian On The Moon)4:24
9.Medley: Hold Me Tight/Lazy Dynamite/Hands Of Love/Power Cut11:21

Disk #2

1.Mary Had A Little Lamb3:33
2.Little Woman Love2:07
3.Hi, Hi, Hi3:09
4.C Moon4:34
5.The Mess (Live At The Hague/1972)4:38
6.Live And Let Die3:13
7.I Lie Around5:02
8.Night Out2:16
9.Country Dreamer3:10
10.Seaside Woman3:56
11.Best Friend (Live In Antwerp/1972)3:59
12.Mama's Little Girl3:45
13.I Would Only Smile3:23
15.Thank You Darling3:19
16.1882 (Live In Berlin/1972)6:31
17.Jazz Street5:09
18.Live And Let Die (Group Only/Take 10)3:33