Redux Presents: The Finest Selection 2018 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Redux Presents: The Finest Selection 2018by Various Artists

  • 101 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 8:07:28


1.Ripples (Rene Ablaze Remix) (feat. Melissa R. Kaplan)by Derek Ryan2:58
2.Distant Dream (Brent Rix Remix)by TrancEye3:25
3.Forgiven (Original Mix) (and A-Tronix feat. Zara Taylor)by Sven E.4:12
4.Heritage (Original Mix) (vs. Kiyoi & Eky)by Atragun3:47
5.Aarunya (Original Mix)by Rituraj Upadhyay3:43
6.Omega (Fischer & Miethig Remix)by UDM3:24
7.Zika (The Enlightment Remix) (and Riialto)by F.G. Noise3:39
8.Etna (Extended Mix)by Sebastian Pawlica6:24
9.Jericho (Original Mix)by Brent Rix3:25
10.Waiting For Summer (Original Mix)by Toyax4:54
11.Lost Vision (Original Mix)by Claus Backslash3:58
12.Enjoy The Life (Original Mix)by Ramin Arab4:59
13.Fall For You (Original Mix) (and Triode)by Jon The Dentist3:10
14.I Feel Your Love (Original Mix) (feat. Natune)by Digital Rush3:53
15.Return From Eternity (Original Mix)by Tom Exo3:28
16.In The Mood (Original Mix)by Miroslav Vrlik3:04
17.Zainab (Original Mix)by Rezwan Khan4:07
18.Trancefusion (Original Mix) (and Adam Morris)by DJ Abscence3:55
19.Reach For The Skies (Original Mix)by Sebastian Montano3:55
20.Talisman (Extended Mix)by Vitalis6:34
21.Effort (Original Mix)by Saman Mehmani3:11
22.Tundra (Original Mix)by Glacial Storm3:20
23.Renewal (Original Mix)by DJ Abscence3:59
24.Take Me There (Original Mix)by Rezwan Khan4:02
25.Cosmos (Original Mix) (and W!SS)by Karim Farouk3:55
26.Remedy (Original Mix)by Accado5:08
27.Terminal One (Original Mix) (and Shawn Hunter)by Eric Zimmer4:07
28.Daybreakerz (Original Mix) (and A-Tronix feat. James Dust)by Sven E.4:31
29.Islands Of Utopia (Original Mix)by Melbourne2:57
30.Won't Let You Down (Sebastian Montano Remix) (feat. Claire Willis)by Six Senses4:28
31.The God Inside You (Mindsoundscapes 2018 Remix) (and Miethig)by Fischer3:34
32.Nothing Like You (Six Senses Remix) (feat. Vika)by Shaun Greggan4:15
33.Spread Your Wings (Original Mix) (and DJ Alph@)by Mark L2K3:08
34.Spice (Original Mix)by Franco Scaravaglione4:31
35.Far Above The Clouds (Original Mix) (vs. Miethig & ArDao)by Fischer2:38
36.Dreamers (Original Mix) (and HamzeH with Finality)by Eryon Stocker4:24
37.A Long Story (Original Mix)by Sebastian Pawlica4:36
38.Beyond The Energy (Original Mix)by TrancEye4:15
39.Wild (Original Mix)by Derek Ryan4:11
40.Frozen Skies (Original Mix)by Norex & Adwell4:43
41.Let U Go (Original Mix) (feat. Robin Vane)by Neurofunq3:29
42.Winter Gate (Original Mix) (vs. Syntouch & Eky)by Kiyoi4:40
43.Embrace The Force (Original Mix)by Hardwreck3:30
44.Shaman (Original Mix)by Brent Rix4:21
45.Inflame (Original Mix)by The Avains3:09
46.Out From Under (Eryon Stocker Remix) (and Maratone feat. Emma Chatt)by Dreamy4:38
47.Reboot (Original Mix)by Mark L2K4:40
48.Best For You (Original Mix) (feat. Irina Makosh)by Stereopeppers3:42
49.Tell Me (Brent Rix Club Remix) (and Sven E)by A-Tronix4:07
50.Cicada (Original Mix)by Cold Stone3:51
51.U & I (A-Tronix & Sven E Remix) (feat. Robin Vane)by Gosselt4:11
52.Badui (Original Mix) (vs. Kiyoi & Eky)by Oliver Cattley4:25
53.Two Way Trust (Original Mix)by Rolfiek4:40
54.Switcher (Original Mix)by Riialto3:33
55.Starlight (Original Mix) (and Fright Nite)by Arctic Ocean4:31
56.Torn Into Pieces (Original Mix) (feat. Crystal Blakk)by Rene Ablaze4:40
57.Universe (Original Mix) (and A-Tronix)by Sven E.4:36
58.The Sound Of Spring (Original Mix) (feat. Danny Claire)by Sunshine Rockerz3:45
59.Are You Ready (Original Mix) (and LightControl)by Anhydrite3:33
60.Everlong (Original Mix) (and Eky)by Kiyoi4:26
61.Starfall (Original Mix)by Brent Rix3:58
62.Perseverance (Original Mix) (and Blue Sector)by Fisical Project4:20
63.Majestic (Original Mix)by Franco Scaravaglione3:36
64.The Chauffeur (Original Mix)by Jon The Dentist3:58
65.Big Bang (Original Mix)by Sajjad Zakaria3:46
66.Survivor (Kiyoi & Eky Remix)by Mark L2K4:03
67.Talisman (Original Mix)by The Enlightment3:56
68.Angel Island (Original Mix)by Hiromori Aso4:59
69.Return (Kiyoi & Eky Remix)by Six Senses4:20
70.Star Traveller (Original Mix)by Rezwan Khan4:00
71.Push The Gate (Original Mix)by ELV3:36
72.Make A Wish (Original Mix)by Kaistal.A.O5:03
73.Certainty (Original Mix)by Jhonny Vergel4:19
74.Light Force (Original Mix) (and Rolfiek)by Guy Alexander3:29
75.Drift (Original Mix)by Hiromori Aso5:00
76.Shifting The Crowds (Original Mix)by James Lass6:36
77.High Pressure (Original Mix)by Entrance4:00
78.HighForia (Original Mix)by Khairy Ahmed4:38
79.Ahideroz (Original Mix)by Sunshine Rockerz3:32
80.Underworld (Original Mix) (and LightControl)by Nabil MJ3:54
81.Across The Sky (Original Mix)by STEEM SL4:21
82.Sayonara (Original Mix)by Emmy Skyer4:59
83.Meraki (Original Mix)by Ichinen Project3:28
84.Supersonic (Original Mix)by Sylvermay2:55
85.Via Lactea (Original Mix)by 5unLight3:24
86.Starlight (Original Mix)by Dmitry Cooper4:47
87.Turn Back The Time (Original Mix) (feat. Lydia DeLay)by Sergey Shvets3:45
88.Uranus Knight (Original Mix)by Gema3:13
89.Cirano (Original Mix)by Sixco4:08
90.Flash Guitar (Original Mix)by ELV3:42
91.RUA (Original Mix) (and Katrik)by Aveo4:15
92.Losing My God Complex (Original Mix)by Stuart McNiven4:22
93.Nebula (Original Mix) (vs. Sphere)by Pulse3:56
94.Amnesia (Original Mix)by Ko Ray3:57
95.Plastic Moon (Original Mix)by Mariano Ballejos4:07
96.Believe (Original Mix)by Nicola Maddaloni4:07
97.Ramata (Original Mix)by Khairy Ahmed3:45
98.Positive (Original Mix)by All Sandu2:51
99.Imperial (Extended Mix)by Fancy Power5:08
100.Evil Start (Original Mix) (and Prucnel)by 7 Baltic3:17
101.Redux Presents: The Finest Selection 2018 (Mixed By Rene Ablaze) (Rene Ablaze Continuous DJ Mix)by Various Artists1:20:44