Relapse Sampler 2012 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Relapse Sampler 2012by Various Artists

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:14:37


1.The God Clauseby Columns2:15
2.Amaranthby Windhand7:25
3.Antietamby Primitive Man9:08
4.Sisby Pig Destroyer1:15
5.Failureby Call Of The Void3:03
6.Vanguard Of The Morning Starby Weapon4:19
7.March To The Seaby Baroness3:11
8.Blueby Royal Thunder9:30
9.Haunted Huntedby Christian Mistress5:57
10.Effigies Of Evilby Hooded Menace5:36
11.Crotalus Horridus Horridusby Serpentine Path6:27
12.The Menin Roadby Inverloch6:22
13.From Womb To Wasteby Dying Fetus4:57
14.Compelled By Mediocrityby Murder Construct2:45
15.Where Angels Go Demons Followby Spawn Of Possession5:38
16.Global Divisionby Primate2:30
17.Ahrimanby Horseback3:55
18.Chalk Pointby Locrian8:14
19.Ants In My Bloodstreamby 164:34
20.Build No Systemby Liberteer1:35
21.Like An Ever Flying Limbby General Surgery2:26
22.Senza Impronteby Cripple Bastards2:10
23.Famineby Blockheads1:40
24.Living Monstrosityby Death5:09
25.Perigaea IIby Wolvserpent18:14
26.'sbloodby Inter Arma6:22