Relapse Sampler 2014 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Relapse Sampler 2014by Various Artists

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:18:58


1.Violenceby Obituary2:07
2.The Inevitable Return To Darknessby Abysmal Dawn6:11
3.Four More Yearsby Iron Reagan4:01
4.Latvian Feguroby Myrkur4:19
5.Pull The Plug (Remastered)by Death4:27
6.Closed Casket (Demo)by Gruesome3:50
7.Get Wellby Nothing4:33
8.Allfatherby Atriarch6:23
9.Thanatosby Tombs4:25
10.Directionalby Indian6:26
11.Healing Through Deathby Usnea14:19
12.Psychic Vampireby Ringworm2:40
13.Anchored In Timeby Mortals4:37
14.Eventideby Black Anvil6:43
15.Disfigured Colossusby Serpentine Path5:59
16.Loatheby Primitive Man11:03
17.Rise To Failureby The Drip2:13
18.West Siberian Plainby UltraMantis Black2:01
19.Implant Feverby Pyrrhon4:33
20.Bear Molestorby Columns2:23
21.Umbraby Broughton's Rules5:30
22.Reelingby Nux Vomica11:53
23.Malato Terminaleby Cripple Bastards2:45
24.Illuminatiby Culted6:42
25.Never Gone To Schoolby Publicist UK4:22
26.Journey Ecstatic Vision4:33