Relapse Sampler 2015 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Relapse Sampler 2015by Various Artists

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:02:00


1.Loose Menby Torche2:28
2.Crypt Keyby Windhand5:39
3.Time Machineby Royal Thunder7:08
4.Fire In The Skyby Tau Cross4:39
5.Mordetby Myrkur3:41
6.Serpenticideby Skinless4:40
7.Savage Landby Gruesome4:14
8.Necromaniac (Gore Metal Redux)by Exhumed2:46
9.Trojan Whore (Remastered)by Pig Destroyer1:35
10.Elysium Of Dripping Deathby Hooded Menace11:34
11.Bag Manby Primitive Man7:08
12.Betting On Blackby Graves At Sea7:57
13.Coma Burnby Lycus11:38
14.Mission Creepby Zombi3:09
15.An Index Of Airby Locrian7:51
16.Awayby Publicist UK5:05
17.Everything Must Goby Pinkish Black5:09
18.Golden Ageby Valkyrie5:30
19.Neonby Christian Mistress5:34
20.Call Itby Wrong3:28
21.Journeyby Ecstatic Vision5:12
22.To The Garish Remembrance Of Failureby Minsk6:22
23.Riverbeds Hewn In Marrowby Hope Drone10:40
24.Darkness Remainsby Lord Dying6:53
25.Lifelineby Sacrilege4:10
26.Reaper Christby Seven Sisters Of Sleep2:51
27.Pass / Outby Ilsa4:44
28.Nagarachiby Rwake3:54
29.Stride Endlessly Through Scorched Earthby Maruta2:06
30.Cold Handsby Call Of The Void2:40
31.Rise And Fall Of Empires Pastby Magrudergrind0:40
32.Serpent Venomby Bedemon3:56
33.Hypertensionby Razor3:20
34.Book Of Skullsby Goblin Rebirth6:08
35.Intro & Creditsby Steve Moore3:48
36.The Trouble With Being Bornby The Great Tyrant3:43