Relapse Sampler 2016 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Relapse Sampler 2016by Various Artists

  • 41 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:12:57


1.Fliesby Red Fang3:37
2.Ten Thousand Ways To Dieby Obituary3:16
3.Zombie Ritualby Death4:33
4.Craving Fleshby Gatecreeper3:24
5.Forces Of Deathby Gruesome3:58
6.Akróasisby Obscura4:24
7.Extinguished Lightby Ulcerate8:43
8.Seventh Sealby Sumerlands3:47
9.Transfigurationby Inter Arma9:10
10.ACD (Abcessive Compulsive Disorder)by Nothing3:39
11.Wardenclyffeby S U R V I V E4:09
12.Between Wavesby The Album Leaf6:09
13.The Escape Pt. 1by Steve Moore3:03
14.Farewellby Boris7:53
15.Entheogenby True Widow5:47
16.Shape Of The One Thingby Horseback5:12
17.Onde Børn (Live)by Myrkur4:00
18.Relentless Hatredby Magrudergrind1:42
19.Dustby Weekend Nachos1:51
20.Violent Hours (For A Veiled Awakening)by Gadget0:39
21.Kingda Kaby Brain Tentacles1:53
22.Snake Churchby Ringworm3:37
23.God's On Vacationby Black Tusk2:48
24.Entourageby Wrong2:43
25.The Wounding Hoursby Cough6:37
26.Not A Daughterby Agoraphobic Nosebleed7:00
27.Distance Collapsed (In Rubble)by Inverloch8:40
28.The Curse That Isby Graves At Sea11:15
29.War Masterby Seven Sisters Of Sleep3:55
30.The Absolute Center Of A Pitch Black Heartby 163:25
31.Solar Chamberby Lycus10:41
32.Mesmerizeby Bloodiest5:18
33.Deceiverby Tombs5:27
34.Be The Night (Demo)by The Obsessed2:13
35.Deathly Fighterby Integrity3:59
36.Cult Of The Throneby Ilsa7:27
37.Shame (Live Audiotree Session)by King Woman3:46
38.Forever My Queenby Pentagram2:24
39.Voices From The Graveby Opprobrium3:23
40.Buzz Saw Effectby Davie Allan2:37
41.Big Worldby Cloakroom4:53