Relapse Sampler 2017 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Relapse Sampler 2017by Various Artists

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:41:31


1.Braveby Obituary2:15
2.Panic Amongst The Herdby Dying Fetus3:19
3.Defenders Of The Graveby Exhumed3:51
4.Rites Of The Locustby Incantation3:07
5.Fragments Of Psycheby Gruesome4:04
6.Altar Of Slaughterby Expulsion1:43
7.Bleed The Fifthby Iron Reagan2:02
8.Hymn For The Children Of The Black Flameby Integrity2:16
9.Overactive Imagination (Remastered)by Death3:31
10.Ulvindeby Myrkur4:24
11.Punk Crusherby The Obsessed3:43
12.Utopiaby King Woman3:10
13.Seedless Starby Cloakroom7:37
14.Deep Stateby Tau Cross5:05
15.The Electric Stepby Ecstatic Vision9:19
16.Cutthroat (Lena Willikens Remix)by S U R V I V E7:22
17.Welcome To TSCby Steve Moore1:58
18.Xenolith; The Anvilby EX EYE3:56
19.Infinite Endby Arcadea3:29
20.OmegaManglerby Iron Monkey4:49
21.My Willby Primitive Man5:06
22.Breathing From The Shallowsby YOB7:35
23.Lathe Of Heavenby Usnea9:45
24.Dream State Arsenalby Unearthly Trance6:35
25.Presage Of Emptinessby John Frum4:48
26.Nauseating Employmentsby Haemorrhage3:41
27.May Her Wrath Be Justby Black Anvil4:25
28.Infernoby Atriarch7:42
29.The Scourge And The Gestaltby Poison Blood3:40
30.Blackest Evocationby The Drip2:43
31.Cosmic Crypt (Demo)by Mammoth Grinder1:42
32.Induction/Agnogenesisby Genocide Pact6:15
33.Into Hellfireby Outer Heaven5:15
34.Pressure Loverby Author & Punisher4:02
35.The Visitorby Miracle5:27
36.No Corporate Beerby Trappist1:50