Resident: Two Years Of Oakenfold At Cream mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Resident: Two Years Of Oakenfold At Creamby Various Artists

  • 28 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:35:16


Disk #1

1.Mystery Land (original mix)by Y Traxx5:27
2.Butterfly (Tilt's Mechanism mix)by Tilt8:31
3.Blue Fear (extended mix)by Armin4:42
4.Shine (full vocal)by The Space Brothers5:09
5.Someone (original vocal mix)by Ascension6:19
6.Nightmare (Sinister Strings mix)by Brainbug4:44
7.Sin City (original mix)by Three 'N One5:09
8.Dark and Long (Dark Train)by Underworld6:11
9.Flash (club mix)by B.B.E.4:20
10.Netherworld (Vinyl cut)by L.S.G.5:00
11.Prophase (X-Cabs remix One)by Transa4:51
12.Vavoom! (original mix)by Man With No Name6:16
13.Ever Rest (Mystica mix)by Mystica4:54
14.The Prophet (original mix)by CJ Bolland6:05

Disk #2

1.Summersault (original mix) (feat. Natasha Pearl)by Tastexperience8:16
2.Wide Open Space (Perfecto mix)by Mansun6:18
3.Rendezvous (Quadrophonic mix) (vs. Paul van Dyk\)by Tilt4:25
4.Everything's Not You (Quivver's Space edit)by Stoneproof4:20
5.Children (Tilt's Courtyard mix)by Tilt6:53
6.Skydive (original mix) (feat. Jan Johnston)by Freefall5:27
7.Universal Nation (original mix)by Push4:47
8.Rollercoaster (Oakey's Courtyard mix)by Amoeba Assassin5:07
9.Nautical Bodies (original mix)by Planet Heaven5:49
10.Eisbaer (Soul Hooligan radio edit)by Groovezone5:49
11.Dream Universe (original mix)by C.M.4:08
12.El Niño (Matt Darey mix)by Agnelli & Nelson5:43
13.Breathe in You (Tekara's M & M dub) (feat. Lucy Cotter)by Tekara5:36
14.Enervate (original mix)by Transa5:00