Retrospective Tapes: Crow Dancer (1993-1995 Selected Works) mp3 Artist Compilation by Koan

Retrospective Tapes: Crow Dancer (1993-1995 Selected Works)by Koan

  • 25 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:51:04


1.Moon Flower (Crow Dancer mix)2:07
2.Divination (Crow Dancer mix)5:12
3.The Gift by Glooscap the Great Chief3:07
4.The Story of Organ Grinder5:14
5.The Raven and Moon Talking, Pt.17:12
6.Iktomi's Trap6:59
7.The Raven and Moon Talking, Pt.25:10
8.Insidious Iktomi2:52
9.The Pipe of Glooscap the Great Chief1:31
10.Coyote & Raven1:35
11.Crown Dancers (Black mix)3:46
12.Visionary Blind3:53
13.Lost Caverns6:05
14.Drawings on the Sand2:28
15.Boarding Action6:44
16.Purple Turtle7:06
17.Mana (Crow Dancer mix)5:59
18.Cloud Rider9:40
20.Invisible Turns6:01
21.On the Crossroad (Crown Dancer mix)4:50
22.Northern Wind2:34
23.Passage (Crown Dancer mix)1:38
24.Shared Vision (Crown Dancer mix)2:22