Return to Leisure World (Demos and Versions) mp3 Album by Diners

Return to Leisure World (Demos and Versions)by Diners

  • 29 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:00:22


1.Sending My Love (Demo)1:32
2.Thanks For Listening (Voice Memo 1)1:02
3.Phone TV World (VLHS Session)2:31
4.Think On This Feeling (Version 1)2:31
5.Big Times (Voice Memo)1:36
6.Cup Of Coffee (Demo)2:41
7.Big Moon (Version 1)1:28
8.So Blue (Voice Memo)2:28
9.Sending My Love (Voice Memo 1)0:44
10.Spinning The Yarn (Demo 2)4:45
11.Phone TV World (Version 1)3:06
12.There's A Time (Demo)3:29
13.Tube Town (Rough)1:44
14.Thanks For Listening (Version 1)1:31
15.Thanks For Listening (Version 2)1:30
16.Big Times (Version 1)2:55
17.Cup Of Coffee (Voice Memo)1:40
18.Cup Of Coffee (Version 1)2:52
19.Big Moon (Voice Memo)1:03
20.So Blue (Version 1)3:16
21.Sending My Love (Voice Memo 2)1:02
22.Sending My Love (Regular Speed)0:36
23.Spinning The Yarn (Voice Memo)0:23
24.Spinning The Yarn (Demo 1)3:52
25.Phone TV World (Voice Memo 1)0:10
26.Phone TV World (Voice Memo 2)2:35
27.Phone TV World (Version 2)3:24
28.Phone TV World (Version 3)3:02
29.Thanks For Listening (Voice Memo 2)0:54