Revolutionary Spirit: The Sound of Liverpool 1976-1988 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Revolutionary Spirit: The Sound of Liverpool 1976-1988by Various Artists

  • 100 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:04:25


Disk #1

1.What a Way to End It Allby Deaf School2:59
2.Big in Japanby Big in Japan2:53
3.Suffice to Sayby Yachts3:17
4.The Pictures on My Wallby Echo & The Bunnymen2:52
5.Lil's Gone to Parisby Ded Byrds2:42
6.Breakthrough in Grey Roomby 0515:46
7.Today's Mystery The Dance Party2:48
8.Sleeping Gasby The Teardrop Explodes4:40
9.Factionby Faction2:24
10.Touchby Lori & The Chameleons4:19
11.Black Leatherby Nightmares in Wax4:12
12.Bunker Soldiersby Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark2:51
13.194 Radio Cityby Jaqui & Jeanette4:01
14.Lovely Evening (and The Boxes)by Clive Langer3:14
15.Morning, Noon and Nightby Glass Torpedoes2:11
16.Could This Be Heavenby Original Mirrors5:13
17.Heads I Winby The Moondogs2:18
18.Break It to Me Gentlyby The Planets3:05
19.Do the Chudby The Chuddy Nuddies2:27
20.British Refugeeby Spitfire Boys2:52
21.The Doctorby Geisha Girls4:40
22.Don't Stop the Worldby Deaf School3:16

Disk #2

1.Dalek I Love You (Destiny)by Dalek I3:42
2.Telecommunicationby A Flock of Seagulls2:34
3.When I Dreamby The Teardrop Explodes3:45
4.Hit the Moonby Ellery Bop2:48
5.Nuclear Summerby The Nice Men3:10
6.Human Featuresby Black3:08
7.Total Recallby Systems3:53
8.Touchby Freeze Frame3:28
9.Supermanby Attempted Moustache2:41
10.Intercontinentalby Afraid of Mice2:53
11.Rescueby Echo & The Bunnymen4:27
12.Piggie in the Middle Eightby Cook the Books5:46
13.Creation Rebelby Windows4:47
14.My Motiveby Chinese Religion4:07
15.Too Late to Fly the Flagby Hambi & The Dance3:28
16.Soldiersby Egypt for Now5:36
17.Down at the Zooby Those Naughty Lumps3:26
18.Euthenicsby Modern Eon3:10
19.Launderetteby A Formal Sigh3:18
20.Nightlifeby The Moderates4:44

Disk #3

1.Revolutionary Spirit (Stereo mix)by The Wild Swans4:18
2.African and Whiteby China Crisis3:49
3.Don't Let Goby Pink Industry3:35
4.Obsessionsby Passion Polka3:19
5.I'm Thinking of You Nowby Box of Toys3:42
6.Flaming Swordby Care3:14
7.Dorian Grayby The Bamboo Fringe3:31
8.She's Locked My Life Up in Her Suitcaseby Steve Lindsey3:14
9.Oceanic Explorersby Ex Post Facto4:50
10.Some Aspectsby Chain of Command3:08
11.He's Dead Alrightby Ambrose Reynolds3:27
12.Art on 45by Royal Family and the Poor4:49
13.Themes for 'Grind' Scene Vby Will Sergeant4:51
14.Through the Glassby Shiny Two Shiny2:32
15.Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream)by The Icicle Works3:51
16.A Gigantic Raft in the Philippinesby It's Immaterial2:34
17.Toxtethby Public Disgrace2:58
18.Playing for Timeby Send No Flowers3:35
19.Things Have Learnt to Walk That Ought to Crawlby The Room3:38
20.She Keeps Her Secretby The Balcony4:45
21.Burst Balloonsby The Turquoise Swimming Pools4:18

Disk #4

1.Two Tribesby Frankie Goes to Hollywood3:27
2.Reasons to Liveby Mr. Amir3:20
3.Every Day Another Dreamby Brenda and the Beach Balls3:05
4.The First Picture of Youby The Lotus Eaters3:41
5.Misty Circlesby Dead or Alive4:42
6.Are You Ready (For That Feeling)?by Virgin Dance3:09
7.Valley of Evergreenby Alternative Radio4:43
8.Jimmy's Grinby Margox3:14
9.Kardomah Café (2017 mix)by The Cherry Boys3:17
10.Contrasting Strangersby The Light3:45
11.Jean's Not Happeningby The Pale Fountains4:10
12.It's a Wonderful Lifeby The Balcony3:08
13.Working for the Manby High Five Quintet3:23
14.James Where Are You Now?by The Press Gang2:24
15.My Warby Western Promise4:31
16.Don't Cry Darling (Daddy Had to Drown the Cat) (and The Soapchoppers)by Old Ma Cuxon3:14
17.Happenby The Riotous Hues4:08
18.Bomb Sutraby The Mel-O-Tones3:40
19.Hellby Marshmallow Overcoat7:37

Disk #5

1.Always the Bridesmaidby Jegsy Dodd & the Sons of Harry Cross4:20
2.Get Down Overby The La's2:41
3.Hipe and Her Cheek Electric (demo)by Barbel2:42
4.A Trick of Fateby Magic Carpets2:57
5.Devil Laughingby Benny Profane3:00
6.The Tallest Manby The Jactars2:51
7.Didn't We Have a Nice Time (And All My Friends Are Here)by The Tempest2:54
8.Precious Loveby The Onset2:35
9.Pat Nevin's Eyesby The Tractors2:31
10.Danceby Cyclic Amp4:22
11.When You're Inby The DaVincis3:56
12.Way Outby The La's2:45
13.Tantric Wipeoutby The Walking Seeds3:09
14.Burnin' and Lootin'by The Ministry of Love3:57
15.Big Bad Money Worldby A Game of Soldiers3:43
16.Only in Americaby Exhibit B2:52
17.Sons Ofby Thomas Lang3:12
18.Come Holy Spiritby The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus9:31