Rio (Limited Edition) mp3 Album by Duran Duran
  • 27 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:16:02


Disk #1

2.My Own Way4:51
3.Lonely in Your Nightmare3:51
4.Hungry Like the Wolf3:41
5.Hold Back the Rain4:01
6.New Religion5:32
7.Last Chance on the Stairway4:21
8.Save a Prayer5:33
9.The Chauffeur5:22
10.Rio (US album remix)5:25
11.My Own Way (Carnival remix)4:30
12.Lonely in Your Nightmare (US album remix)4:53
13.Hungry Like the Wolf (US album remix)4:03
14.Hold Back the Rain (US album remix)6:31

Disk #2

1.Last Chance on the Stairway (Manchester Square demo)5:04
2.My Own Way (Manchester Square demo)4:39
3.New Religion (Manchester Square demo)5:33
4.Like an Angel (Manchester Square demo)5:03
5.My Own Way (7" version)3:40
6.Like an Angel4:43
7.Careless Memories (live at the Hammersmith Odeon)4:15
8.The Chauffeur (Blue Silver) (Early version)3:54
9.My Own Way (Night version)6:34
10.Hungry Like the Wolf (Night version)5:12
11.Rio (Night version)6:40
12.New Religion (Carnival remix)5:15
13.Hold Back the Rain (Carnival remix)7:19
Duran Duran's album "Rio" just may be the greatest album of the New Wave/New Romantic era. With hits like "Rio," "Hungry Like the Wolf," and "Save a Prayer," they were ensured of constant attention on both the radio and MTV. The music on this album pulls so many emotions out of you, from the longing of "Save a Prayer," to the sheer excitement of "Hungry Like the Wolf," from the utter sexiness of "Rio," to the mystery of "The Chauffeur." I think some critics liked to equate their success with MTV, and it certainly played a big part of it, but when you listen to this album as a newcomer or as someone has been listening to it since it arrived, visuals are not needed. The musicianship put forth is uncanny and the abstract lyrics will stick with you forever.
Rio was the first of many albums I've purchased of Duran Duran. It was one of my favorite bands in the 80's. Simon Lebon was my favorite band member from "The Fab Five". they are the 80's version of The Beatles! The whole album is awesome!! Most of the songs on here end up on their greatest hits album, so it definitely worth every penny!!