Roadie Metal: Six Years Heavy mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Roadie Metal: Six Years Heavyby Various Artists

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:46:07


Disk #1

1.Tendencies over Certaintiesby Heretic Brazil5:53
2.Hopeby Arken5:00
3.My Destinyby Angelique4:23
4.Fighterby Mitsein6:14
5.Hellhoundsby Macumbazilla4:21
6.Up on the Hillsby Vocifer4:51
7.Run Rabbit, Runby Lucas Ray Exp7:08
8.Shining for Youby Acorde 7 Blues Band6:17
9.Rivalby Corram para as Colinas4:03
10.The End of Our Daysby Symptomen6:48
11.Do It by Yourselfby Seth4:01
12.Aquele Velho Padre Vacilou No Seu Sermãoby Jukebox From Hell3:40
13.Until My Endby Burn Incorporated9:50
14.Face Itby Revengin5:40
15.Jamesby Me Chama de Zé5:27
16.Dipironaby Degraus3:39
17.Estado Mentalby Veio Rock3:16
18.Don't Fight Surf 4yours Rightsby VNZ3:55

Disk #2

1.False Messiahby Rider3:47
2.The Clusterby The Undead Manz5:18
3.Riseby Seventh Sign from Heaven3:17 Motorocker3:07
5.From out of Nowhereby Krakkenspit3:19
6.Pandemiaby Dogma Blue3:31
7.Sky Lightby Warleggion4:57
8.Immortal Penitenceby Arkana Fen4:48
9.Viva a Vidaby Ilusion3:05
10.Pay with Bloodby Azzarok6:07
11.Marcasby Magnética3:35
12.Hold Your Fireby Monday Riders3:32
13.Strange Way of Livingby The Goths5:21
14.Não Vá Emboraby Curinga Roque3:12
15.You Are Not Aloneby Sumerian Project4:03
16.Peregrinosby Anjos da Sombra3:36
17.Homem Almaby Fernóliver3:35
18.Estrada Do Bluesby Ts53:31