Roaring Lion by Various Artists

Roaring Lion

by Various Artists

  • 16 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:06:01


1.Truth and Rightsby Jah Lion & The Upsetters5:22
2.Upsetters Shuffleby The Upsetters3:02
3.Roaring Lionby Jah Lion & The Upsetters4:20
4.Prideby Augustus Pablo & The Upsetters3:33
5.Loco Negrilby Althea & Donna3:11
6.Big Gal Sallyby The Upsetters4:19
7.Generation From Creationby Jah Lion & The Upsetters4:49
8.Big Boy Wallyby The Upsetters3:25
9.Beat Down Comrade Manby Junior Byles & The Upsetters2:15
10.Stand and Lookby The Fantels4:14
11.Rocky Road Dubby The Upsetters4:09
12.Natural Mysticby Bob & The Upsetters3:36
13.Anasawa Dubby The Upsetters5:27
14.Dub Dyonby The Upsetters5:35
15.Emotional Dubby The Upsetters4:15
16.Dub Standby The Upsetters4:29