Rock-A-Billy Rave, CD 9 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Rock-A-Billy Rave, CD 9by Various Artists

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 45:22


1.Wild Wild Young Menby Rose Maddox2:27
2.Black Jackby The Alcons2:22
3.Goin' Back To St. Louisby Mack Vickery2:15
4.Cool Gator Shoesby Carl Belew2:01
5.So Doggone Lonesomeby Bobby Lord2:35
6.I Think You Oughta Look Againby Wayne Handy2:26
7.Petrifiedby Ronnie Self1:47
8.I'm Freeby Joe Tate2:15
9.Whistle Baitby The Collins Kids1:37
10.Beautiful Babyby Bobby Lord2:50
11.The Death Of Rock & Rollby Maddox Brothers & Rose2:12
12.It's A Great Big Dayby Derrell Felts2:33
13.Jet Tone Boogieby The Jet Tones2:33
14.I'm In My Teensby The Collins Kids2:20
15.Pink Cadillacby Sammy Masters2:24
16.Sugareeby Rusty York2:43
17.I Just Learned To Rockby Jack King2:21
18.No Sweet Babyby Dave Kipp1:47
19.Just Becauseby The Collins Kids1:56
20.Little Pigeonby Chuck Sims1:58

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