Rock You Tonight: The Anthology mp3 Artist Compilation by Marseille

Rock You Tonight: The Anthologyby Marseille

  • 28 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:58:24


Disk #1

1.The French Way3:18
2.No Time to Lose3:15
3.Dear Doctor3:03
4.Can Can2:45
5.Motherly Love2:44
6.I Felt No Pain4:56
7.Not Tonight Josephine3:23
8.Men's Lib4:26
10.Kiss Like Rock 'n' Roll3:05
11.Cold Steel3:14
12.Over and Over4:25
13.Rock You Tonight5:42
14.Lady of the Night7:11

Disk #2

1.Walkin' Thro' the Night4:36
2.Armed and Ready5:09
3.Bring on the Dancin' Girls4:30
4.Some Like It Hot7:14
7.Walkin' on a High Wire4:57
8.Touch the Night4:30
9.Reach for the Night3:25
10.After the Fall4:28
11.Too Late4:02
12.Gate Crashin'4:19
13.Live Now Pay Later3:45
14.Open Fire2:51