Rule the World / Deathtiny Land mp3 Album by Vampillia

Rule the World / Deathtiny Landby Vampillia

  • 24 Tracks
  • 256 kbps
  • 25:21


1.One Day, I Thought This World Should Be Mine / Welcome to Deathtiny Land3:11
2.Made My Mind to Dominate the World With No Doubt and Fresh Feeling / Misery Mouse the House0:51
3.Day of Departure, Be a Devil Have No Mercy and Just Move Forward / Deathtiny Land Railroad1:54
4.Wonderfully, Whole Luck Is on My Side / Alice in Murderland1:23
5.Feel My Almightiness and Press Toward the Goal / Powder White and Seven Chemicals1:57
6.Identify Myself as a King and God Whatever People Say / Goofy's Acid House0:15
7.Well, Have Time to Play Around for Fun / Donald's Buzz0:16
8.I Sing Cheerfully Holding a Head in My Hand / Pirates of Bohemian1:15
9.A Deceptive Attack, This Is the Real Thrill / Lady and the Tracker0:54
10.A One on One Battle, This Is the Real Thrill / Machete Poppins1:31
11.Torture Someone to Death / Alarming0:22
12.Extermination, Do Anything / Robberhood0:20
13.Switch and Bomb / Melody Tinborn0:04
14.Death of Heart / Pinocchio's Sentimental Journey0:35
15.Rebirth of Heart / It's a Small Cruel World1:55
16.What Is Done Is Done, I Cannot Admit It / Vulgarity Bear Playhouse0:15
17.Keep Killing Them All in Tears / Death Electrical Parade3:08
18.I'm Completely Lost Here Now / Peabrain Pan's Flight1:23
19.Huge Ambition and Indiscriminant Mass Murder / Slash Mountain1:23
20.Extermination2, Do Anything / Big Murder Mountain0:22
21.Use Dirty Trick, Biological Weapon / The Libidinous King0:18
22.H-Bomb, the Goal Is Almost There / Tinber Hell0:44
23.I Am the Only Man in This World Hence I Am King and God / Beauty and the Beefcake0:49
24.This Is Totally Empty Feeling / Goodbye to Deathtiny Land0:16