Say I'm Your Number One (The Singles Box Set) mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Say I'm Your Number One (The Singles Box Set)by Various Artists

  • 281 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:32:45


Disk #1

1.You Think You're A Manby Divine3:32
2.I'm So Beautifulby Divine3:39
3.Give It Upby Divine3:00
4.Show Me Aroundby Divine3:19
5.You Think You're A Man (12" Mix)by Divine8:09
6.You Think You're A Man (Remix)by Divine6:27
7.You Think You're A Man (Original Mix)by Divine3:18
8.I'm So Beautiful (Mix)by Divine7:53
9.I'm So Beautiful (Divine Mix)by Divine6:31
10.I'm So Beautiful (Divine Mix Edit)by Divine4:45
11.I'm So Beautiful ('Shake It' Dub)by Divine5:04

Disk #2

1.Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go)by Hazell Dean3:40
2.Who's Leaving Whoby Hazell Dean3:44
3.Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go) (Dance Mix)by Hazell Dean8:11
4.Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go) (Dub Mix)by Hazell Dean5:44
5.Who's Leaving Who (Bob's Tambourine Mix)by Hazell Dean4:45
6.Who's Leaving Who (The Boys Are Back In Town Mix)by Hazell Dean6:58
7.Who's Leaving Who (Alternative 12" Mix)by Hazell Dean7:38
8.Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go) (Remix)by Hazell Dean4:08
9.Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go) (Extended Remix)by Hazell Dean6:48
10.Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go) (Remix Edit)by Hazell Dean4:35
11.Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go) (Instrumental)by Hazell Dean3:59
12.Who's Leaving Who (Bob's Tambourine Instrumental)by Hazell Dean5:03

Disk #3

1.You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)by Dead Or Alive3:19
2.In Too Deepby Dead Or Alive3:49
3.You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (Murder Mix)by Dead Or Alive8:03
4.You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (Performance Mix)by Dead Or Alive7:27
5.You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (Buzzing Bees Mix)by Dead Or Alive10:13
6.In Too Deep (Off Yer Mong Mix)by Dead Or Alive6:17

Disk #4

1.Contract Of The Heartby Spelt Like This3:34
2.Stop This Rumourby Spelt Like This4:00
3.St Valentine's Day Mascara (Say It With Cadavers)by Spelt Like This4:18
4.Contract Of The Heart (S Mix)by Spelt Like This6:01
5.Stop This Rumour (The Lust Mix)by Spelt Like This6:32
6.12" Extensive Massacreby Spelt Like This4:58

Disk #5

1.Say I'm Your No. 1by Princess3:39
2.Say I'm Your No. 1 (Full-Length Version)by Princess6:17
3.Say I'm Your No. 1 (Short Version)by Princess5:45
4.Say I'm Your No. 1 (REMIX Number 2)by Princess11:04
5.Say I'm Your No. 1 (Alternative Version)by Princess9:12
6.Say I'm Your No. 1 (HRH Mix No. 3)by Princess8:59
7.Say I'm Your No. 1 (REMIX Number 1)by Princess7:33
8.Say I'm Your No. 1 (U.S. 7" Remix)by Princess4:17
9.Say I'm Your No. 1 (Demo Version)by Princess2:54
10.Say I'm Your No. 1 (Senza Voce)by Princess4:30
11.Say I'm Your No. 1 (Senza Voce Edit)by Princess3:00

Disk #6

1.The Heaven I Needby The Three Degrees3:18
2.This Is The Houseby The Three Degrees3:42
3.The Heaven I Need (Extended Version)by The Three Degrees6:44
4.The Heaven I Need (Mega Dance Mix)by The Three Degrees7:05
5.The Heaven I Need (Original 12" Mix)by The Three Degrees7:50
6.This Is The House (Extended Version)by The Three Degrees7:40
7.This Is The House (Mega Dance Version)by The Three Degrees5:20
8.This Is The House (7" Remix)by The Three Degrees3:33
9.This Is The House (12" Remix)by The Three Degrees7:15
10.This Is The House (Real Bass 7" Mix)by The Three Degrees3:56
11.This Is The House (Real Bass 12" Mix)by The Three Degrees5:08
12.This Is The House (Funky Sisters Say "This Is The Dub" Mix)by The Three Degrees9:21
13.The Heaven I Need (Senza Voce)by The Three Degrees4:03
14.This Is The House (Senza Voce)by The Three Degrees3:30

Disk #7

1.Getting Closerby Haywoode3:11
2.You'd Better Not Fool Aroundby Haywoode3:28
3.Getting Closer (Extended Version)by Haywoode6:22
4.You'd Better Not Fool Around (Extended Version)by Haywoode6:09
5.You'd Better Not Fool Around (Original Mix)by Haywoode4:43
6.Getting Closer (Instrumental)by Haywoode4:33

Disk #8

1.Whenever You Need Somebodyby O'chi Brown3:26
2.100% Pure Painby O'chi Brown3:37
3.Whenever You Need Somebody (Extended Version)by O'chi Brown6:49
4.Whenever You Need Somebody (Pull It Off Mix)by O'chi Brown7:48
5.Whenever You Need Somebody (Cool & Deadly Mix)by O'chi Brown7:49
6.Whenever You Need Somebody (The Umbungo Mix)by O'chi Brown6:39
7.100% Pure Pain (Extended Version)by O'chi Brown8:32
8.100% Pure Pain (U.S. Extended Remix)by O'chi Brown7:35
9.100% Pure Pain (U.S. Extended Dub Mix)by O'chi Brown7:27
10.100% Pure Pain (U.S. 7" Remix)by O'chi Brown3:59
11.100% Pure Pain (Instrumental)by O'chi Brown3:41

Disk #9

1.Love Is Warby Brilliant3:44
2.Somebodyby Brilliant3:30
3.Love Is War (Extended Version)by Brilliant5:47
4.Love Is War (Alternative 12" Mix)by Brilliant6:38
5.Somebody (Extended Version)by Brilliant5:10
6.Somebody (New Extended Mix)by Brilliant6:40
7.Somebody (New Dub Mix)by Brilliant5:33
8.Love Is War (Instrumental)by Brilliant4:34
9.Somebody (Instrumental)by Brilliant5:00

Disk #10

1.Venusby Bananarama3:30
2.Venus (Extended Version)by Bananarama7:24
3.Venus (Dub)by Bananarama8:16
4.Venus (Hellfire Mix)by Bananarama9:18
5.Venus (Hellfire Dub)by Bananarama6:56
6.Venus (Fire & Brimstone Mix)by Bananarama6:44
7.Venus (Original Mix)by Bananarama3:19
8.Venus (Original 12" Mix)by Bananarama6:40
9.Venus (The Greatest Remix Edit)by Bananarama3:41
10.Venus (The Greatest Remix)by Bananarama7:57
11.Venus (Desire Dub)by Bananarama6:31

Disk #11

1.New York Afternoon (Radio Mix) (feat.ring Dee Lewis And Coral Gordon With Guest Star Georgie Fame)by Mondo Kané2:40
2.An Everlasting Love In An Ever-Changing World (The Doop De Do Song) (Radio Mix) (feat.ring Dee Lewis And Coral Gordon)by Mondo Kané4:22
3.Manhattan Morning (feat.ring Dee Lewis And Coral Gordon With Guest Star Georgie Fame)by Mondo Kané4:07
4.New York Afternoon (Extended Version) (feat.ring Dee Lewis And Coral Gordon With Guest Star Georgie Fame)by Mondo Kané5:42
5.New York Afternoon (Little Samba Mix) (feat.ring Dee Lewis And Coral Gordon With Guest Star Georgie Fame)by Mondo Kané2:37
6.New York Afternoon (Nip On Mix) (feat.ring Dee Lewis And Coral Gordon With Guest Star Georgie Fame)by Mondo Kané2:35
7.An Everlasting Love In An Ever-Changing World (The Doop De Do Song) (A Foggy Day In London Town Mix) (feat.ring Dee Lewis And Coral Gordon)by Mondo Kané6:38
8.An Everlasting Love In An Ever-Changing World (The Doop De Do Song) (Instrumental) (feat.ring Dee Lewis And Coral Gordon)by Mondo Kané4:14

Disk #12

1.Second Time Aroundby Jeb Million3:58
2.Speed Up My Hearbeatby Jeb Million3:25
3.Second Time Around (Extended Version)by Jeb Million6:05
4.Second Time Around (The Broken Nose Mix)by Jeb Million4:42
5.Speed Up My Hearbeat (Extended Version)by Jeb Million5:51
6.Second Time Around (Instrumental)by Jeb Million4:16
7.Speed Up My Hearbeat (Instrumental)by Jeb Million3:52

Disk #13

1.I Just Can't Waitby Mandy Smith3:24
2.You're Never Aloneby Mandy Smith3:42
3.I Just Can't Wait (Extended Version)by Mandy Smith7:21
4.I Just Can't Wait (The Cool & Breezy Jazz Version)by Mandy Smith8:17
5.I Just Can't Wait (Alternative 7" Mix)by Mandy Smith3:24
6.I Just Can't Wait (Alternative 12" Mix)by Mandy Smith6:58
7.I Just Can't Wait (You Can Jam If You Want To)by Mandy Smith6:13
8.I Just Can't Wait (The Cool & Breezy Jazz 7" Version)by Mandy Smith3:46
9.I Just Can't Wait (Instrumental)by Mandy Smith3:58
10.I Just Can't Wait (Alternative Instrumental)by Mandy Smith4:33
11.I Just Can't Wait (The Cool & Breezy Jazz Instrumental)by Mandy Smith5:00

Disk #14

1.Respectableby Mel & Kim3:22
2.Respectable (Extended Version)by Mel & Kim6:19
3.Respectable (Extra Beats Vocal)by Mel & Kim8:10
4.Respectable (The Tabloid Mix)by Mel & Kim7:54
5.Respectable (Shop Mix)by Mel & Kim6:18
6.Respectable (Album Version)by Mel & Kim5:41
7.Respectable (Full Album Version)by Mel & Kim6:36
8.Respectable (Extra Beats Version)by Mel & Kim6:12
9.Respectable (Instrumental)by Mel & Kim4:09

Disk #15

1.Get Readyby Carol Hitchcock3:31
2.More Than Words Can Sayby Carol Hitchcock3:59
3.Get Ready (Extended Version)by Carol Hitchcock7:42
4.Get Ready (The Extraterrestrial Bass Mix)by Carol Hitchcock8:16
5.Get Ready (Original 12" Mix)by Carol Hitchcock8:29
6.Get Ready (Instrumental)by Carol Hitchcock5:59

Disk #16

1.Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Nowby Samantha Fox3:46
2.I Only Wanna Be With Youby Samantha Fox2:45
3.Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now (Extended Version)by Samantha Fox7:03
4.Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now (Cub Mix)by Samantha Fox7:01
5.Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now (Jump & Jive Mix)by Samantha Fox5:22
6.I Only Wanna Be With You (Extended Version)by Samantha Fox5:53
7.I Only Wanna Be With You (12" Mix)by Samantha Fox4:59
8.I Only Wanna Be With You (Special Single Edit)by Samantha Fox3:21
9.I Only Wanna Burn With Youby Samantha Fox6:23
10.I Only Wanna House With Youby Samantha Fox6:23
11.I Only Wanna Be With You (Acappella Mix)by Samantha Fox3:19
12.Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now (Instrumental)by Samantha Fox3:46
13.I Only Wanna Be With You (Instrumental)by Samantha Fox2:45

Disk #17

1.Toy Boy (Radio Version)by Sinitta3:27
2.Toy Boy (Extended Rap Version)by Sinitta3:50
3.Toy Boy (The Original Mix)by Sinitta6:33
4.Toy Boy (The Extended Bicep Mix)by Sinitta7:02
5.Toy Boy (Extended Bicep Mix)by Sinitta7:37
6.Toy Boy (The Extended Bicep Mix Edit)by Sinitta6:11
7.Toy Boy (Pumped Up Megamix)by Sinitta9:52
8.Toy Boy (Over Extended Bicep Mix)by Sinitta8:06
9.Toy Boy (Extended Hip Joint Mix)by Sinitta6:57
10.Toy Boy (Remix)by Sinitta4:22
11.Toy Boy (Brand New Megamix)by Sinitta5:10
12.Toy Boy (Instrumental)by Sinitta4:56

Disk #18

1.Roadblockby Stock Aitken Waterman3:20
2.Roadblock (Extended Version)by Stock Aitken Waterman8:03
3.Roadblock (Horn Jammin' Dub)by Stock Aitken Waterman4:23
4.Roadblock (Rare Dub Edit)by Stock Aitken Waterman3:32
5.Roadblock (Rare Dub)by Stock Aitken Waterman8:12
6.Roadblock (Rare Groove Mix Edit)by Stock Aitken Waterman3:35
7.Roadblock (Rare Groove Mix)by Stock Aitken Waterman8:01
8.Roadblock (No Block 'Til Deutschland Mix)by Stock Aitken Waterman6:59
9.Roadblock (No Block 'Til Deutschland Mix Edit)by Stock Aitken Waterman4:01
10.Roadblock (Alternative Rare Groove Remix)by Stock Aitken Waterman7:15

Disk #19

1.Shattered Glassby Laura Branigan3:41
2.Whatever I Doby Laura Branigan4:03
3.Shattered Glass (Extended Version)by Laura Branigan7:14
4.Shattered Glass (Instrumental)by Laura Branigan3:41

Disk #20

1.Never Gonna Give You Upby Rick Astley3:34
2.Together Forever (Lover's Leap Remix)by Rick Astley3:22
3.Never Gonna Give You Up (Cake Mix)by Rick Astley5:49
4.Never Gonna Give You Up (Escape From Newton Mix)by Rick Astley6:26
5.Never Gonna Give You Up (Escape To New York Mix)by Rick Astley7:03
6.Never Gonna Give You Up (Phil Harding 12" Mix)by Rick Astley7:21
7.Together Forever (Lover's Leap Extended Remix)by Rick Astley7:03
8.Together Forever (House Of Love Mix)by Rick Astley6:57
9.Never Gonna Give You Up (Instrumental)by Rick Astley3:34
10.Never Gonna Give You Up (12" Instrumental)by Rick Astley6:22

Disk #21

1.Whatever Makes Our Love Growby Edwin Starr3:54
2.Whatever Makes Our Love Grow (7" Remix)by Edwin Starr3:38
3.Whatever Makes Our Love Grow (Video Version)by Edwin Starr4:02
4.Whatever Makes Our Love Grow (Extended Version)by Edwin Starr7:26
5.Whatever Makes Our Love Grow (Grown-Up Mix)by Edwin Starr7:22
6.Whatever Makes Our Love Grow (Instrumental)by Edwin Starr3:17
7.Whatever Makes Our Love Grow (12" Instrumental)by Edwin Starr5:13

Disk #22

1.Turn It Upby Michael Davidson3:57
2.Turn It Up (7" Remix)by Michael Davidson3:56
3.Turn It Up (Extended Dance Mix)by Michael Davidson7:10
4.Turn It Up (In Full Cry Mix)by Michael Davidson7:18
5.Turn It Up (Miami Dub Mix)by Michael Davidson5:12
6.Turn It Up (Instrumental)by Michael Davidson3:57
7.Turn It Up (12" Instrumental)by Michael Davidson5:07

Disk #23

1.The Harder I Tryby Brother Beyond3:28
2.He Ain't No Competitionby Brother Beyond3:21
3.The Harder I Try (Extended Version)by Brother Beyond6:07
4.The Harder I Try (The Hardest Mix)by Brother Beyond7:08
5.He Ain't No Competition (The Hardest 7")by Brother Beyond3:41
6.He Ain't No Competition (Extended Version)by Brother Beyond5:40
7.He Ain't No Competition (Space Hopper Remix 1)by Brother Beyond6:07
8.He Ain't No Competition (Space Hopper Remix 2)by Brother Beyond6:58
9.The Harder I Try (Instrumental)by Brother Beyond3:43
10.He Ain't No Competition (Instrumental)by Brother Beyond3:20

Disk #24

1.All Of Meby Sabrina3:53
2.All Of Me (The Boy O Boy Mix)by Sabrina6:40
3.All Of Me (Gen-Oh-A Mix)by Sabrina6:01
4.All Of Me (Instrumental)by Sabrina3:31
5.All Of Me (12" Instrumental)by Sabrina4:51
6.All Of Me (Gen-Oh-A Instrumental)by Sabrina5:03

Disk #25

1.Success (7")by Sigue Sigue Sputnik3:52
2.Success (Extended Version)by Sigue Sigue Sputnik6:46
3.Success (Acid Mix #1 Vox)by Sigue Sigue Sputnik4:21
4.Success (Acid Mix #2 Instr.)by Sigue Sigue Sputnik5:07
5.Success (Balearacidic 12")by Sigue Sigue Sputnik6:59
6.Success (Funky Mix)by Sigue Sigue Sputnik5:27
7.Success (Micro-Dot Dub)by Sigue Sigue Sputnik6:25
8.Success (Metal Hammer Mix)by Sigue Sigue Sputnik4:44
9.Success (Balearacidic Mix)by Sigue Sigue Sputnik6:05
10.Success (Drug Free 7")by Sigue Sigue Sputnik3:52

Disk #26

1.Especially For Youby Kylie & Jason4:01
2.All I Wanna Do Is Make You Mineby Kylie & Jason3:38
3.Especially For You (Extended Version)by Kylie & Jason5:02
4.Especially For You (Original 7" Mix)by Kylie & Jason3:32
5.Especially For You (Original 12" Mix)by Kylie & Jason5:00
6.All I Wanna Do Is Make You Mine (Extended Version)by Kylie & Jason6:02
7.Especially For You (Instrumental)by Kylie & Jason3:54

Disk #27

1.This Time I Know It's For Realby Donna Summer3:38
2.Whatever Your Heart Desiresby Donna Summer3:53
3.This Time I Know It's For Real (Extended Version)by Donna Summer7:23
4.This Time I Know It's For Real (Instrumental)by Donna Summer3:38
5.1989 Interviewby Donna Summer28:52

Disk #28

1.You'll Never Stop Me Loving Youby Sonia3:24
2.Listen To Your Heartby Sonia3:25
3.Better Than Everby Sonia3:29
4.You'll Never Stop Me Loving You (Extended Version)by Sonia8:00
5.You'll Never Stop Me Loving You (Sonia's Kiss Mix)by Sonia6:43
6.Listen To Your Heart (Extended Version)by Sonia5:58
7.Better Than Ever (Original Mix)by Sonia3:26
8.You'll Never Stop Me Loving You (Instrumental)by Sonia3:24
9.Listen To Your Heart (Instrumental)by Sonia3:40

Disk #29

1.Happenin' All Over Again (Hip House Radio Mix)by Lonnie Gordon3:25
2.Happenin' All Over Again (Hip House Mix)by Lonnie Gordon5:38
3.Happenin' All Over Again (Hip House Rap Mix)by Lonnie Gordon5:25
4.Happenin' All Over Again (Italiano House Mix)by Lonnie Gordon6:43
5.Happenin' All Over Again (The Remix)by Lonnie Gordon5:22
6.Happenin' All Over Again (Original 12" Mix)by Lonnie Gordon6:04
7.Happenin' All Over Again (Dave Ford 1990 Mix)by Lonnie Gordon6:33
8.Happenin' All Over Again (Tony King 1990 Mix)by Lonnie Gordon5:52
9.Happenin' All Over Again (1993 Extended Remix)by Lonnie Gordon6:00
10.Happenin' All Over Again (Jewels & Stone Club Mix)by Lonnie Gordon6:24