Secrets mp3 Album by Toni Braxton

Secretsby Toni Braxton

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 54:40


1.Come on Over Here3:36
2.You're Makin Me High4:27
3.There's No Me Without You4:19
4.Un-Break My Heart4:30
5.Talking in His Sleep5:33
6.How Could an Angel Break My Heart4:20
7.Find Me a Man4:29
8.Let It Flow4:22
9.Why Should I Care4:26
10.I Don't Want To4:17
11.I Love Me Some Him5:08
12.In the Late of Night / Toni's Secrets5:13
How does such a powerful voice come out of a tiny body like Toni Braxton's? Whatever happened, she has such a beautifully powerful yet elegant sound. She is the complete package: singer, songwriter, producer,pianist, and actress.

Secrets is her 2nd album. My favorite song from her is "Un-break My Heart", which hit #1. Also a #1 hit was"You're Making Me High". Both of which I enjoy greatly. She also won a Grammy for this album. "Un-break My heart" is Toni's signature song is the top selling single for a female artist. Listen to it and see why.