Secrets Of Synthesis mp3 Album by Wendy Carlos

Secrets Of Synthesisby Wendy Carlos

  • 16 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 52:26


2.Examples Of Analog Timbres3:46
3.Choral Tone, VIbrato, Articulation2:56
4.Vocal Synthesis6:52
5.Performance Values4:32
6.Simple Orchestration2:22
7.Electronic Pointillism & Hocketing3:36
8.For Spatial Motion1:12
9.Ensemble Performance VIa Click‐Tracks2:31
10.Imitative Synthesis1:00
11.Musique Concrete Plus Synthesizer2:21
12.Orchestra With Synthesizer0:53
13.Digital Synthesis5:46
14.Digital vs. Analog5:58
15.Hybrid Timbres3:09
16.Alternative Tunings - The Future3:25