Sega Lugosi's Dead mp3 Album by The Gothsicles

Sega Lugosi's Deadby The Gothsicles

  • 19 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:03:54


2.Second Album Means It's Too Late to Change Your Band Name4:09
3.Amphibious Trigonometry2:35
4.Karma Jolt3:42
5.Anal Meat Ft.3:55
6.Eff the Sun3:43
7.BAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLSSSS (Prometheus Burning vs. The Gothsicles)4:10
8.MindFluxFuneral Owes Me Like $1003:58
9.Nine Dudes Freaking Out4:03
10.I Thought the CD Player Was Broken...But It Was Just a Cyanotic Song2:40
11.It Could Definitely at Least Be Argued That the Whole Video Game Thing Is Getting Kind of Old0:57
12.Sweet! Remixes!0:31
13.Nine Dudes Freaking Out (Nine Dudes Making Out remix by Alter Der Ruine)4:12
14.Eff the Sun (Defcon Atomic Annihilation mix)3:52
15.Second Album Means It's Too Late to Change Your Band Name (Iszoloscope remix)4:47
16.Karma Jolt (System Syn remix)3:23
17.Nine Dudes Freaking Out (Repulsiveness remix by Boole)5:45
18.End of the Goths2:09
19.Nothing's Going to Stop Me Now1:35

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