Settle 4 Le$ mp3 Album by Le$

Settle 4 Le$by Le$

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:09:07


1.What It Iz3:38
2.Sumthin Like A Pimp3:15
3.Get High Musik3:07
4.Smoke Break3:00
5.Stay High3:17
6.Make A Lot of Money3:38
7.Sittin' Low4:59
8.Les ridin'3:15
9.In My Lac4:20
10.What's Goin Down4:21
11.Freakin' U3:36
12.So Smooth3:25
14.Full Time2:55
15.MIllion Dollar Dreams3:40
16.What I Got3:19
17.Life Foes ON3:16
18.Fore the Better3:24
19.Stay dn3:13
20.Track 204:22