Shock mp3 Album by Tesla
  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 44:14


1.You Won't Take Me Alive3:34
2.Taste Like3:12
3.We Can Rule the World4:15
5.Love Is a Fire3:31
6.California Summer Song2:58
7.Forever Loving You3:42
8.The Mission4:03
9.Tied to the Tracks3:29
11.I Want Everything3:25
12.Comfort Zone3:49
Tesla's 2019 release sounds as if they were playing songs that were composed for Def Leppard. The reason: Their producer: Phil Collen. The production is better than their previous effort titled"Simplicity". But this release still lacks the energy that Tesla had in their first three albums. "We can rule the world" sounds exactly like a Def Leppard song. It sounds as if they were trying to sound like Def Leppard. Losing some of their own originality. Few songs have ta 70's feel like "You Won't take me alive" and "Love is a fire: Only three songs can be rescued from this batch "Forever Loving You", "The Mission"., and "I want Everything". Gone are the scorching guitar solos, lack of creativity (even in the album artwork). As a Tesla fan, it is painful to see they needed outside help to be able to record this lackluster album. Its nice when groups release new music, but they need to try harder. This album should have been titled The Def Leppard Experiment. Tesla fans will surely be shocked after listening to this.