Shuffle Drones mp3 Album by Eluvium

Shuffle Dronesby Eluvium

  • 23 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 12:48


1.simply put0:32
2.the suggested manner0:32
3.of listening0:32 this work0:32 to isolate0:32
6.the collection0:32
7.and to randomize0:53
8.the play pattern0:32
9.on infinite repeat -0:32
10.thus creating0:32
11.a shuffling0:32
12.drone orchestration0:32
13.- the intent0:32 to create0:32
15.a body0:32
16.of work0:32
17.specifically designed for0:32
18.and in disruption of0:32
19.modern listening habits0:32
20.and to suggest something0:32
21.peaceful, complex0:32
22.unique, and ever-changing0:32
23.thank you0:43