Sivulliset: Valikoima Suomalaista Vaihtoehtorockia Vuosilta 1985-2000 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Sivulliset: Valikoima Suomalaista Vaihtoehtorockia Vuosilta 1985-2000by Various Artists

  • 88 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:57:30


Disk #1

1.Night Porterby Shadowplay4:04
2.Järvelläby Noitalinna Huraa!3:22
3.Ou Wee!by 22-Pistepirkko2:33
4.Goodbyeby The Nights of Iguana4:50
5.Alice in Wastelandby Alice in Wasteland3:21
6.Ja maa oli niin hiljaaby Jumalainen Näytelmä5:58
7.Ansassaby Tiistai3:48
8.Still in Loveby Jimi Tenor & His Shamans2:47
9.Tom-Tom Townby Jolly Jumpers3:49
10.I Know Who I Amby Electric Blue Peggy Sue and the Revolutionions From Mars2:03
11.Seiväsmiehen paluuby Radiopuhelimet1:40
12.Fade Awayby PIM2:21
13.Little Bit of Pleasure (Much More Pain)by Wanna-Bees4:04
14.Ghostby Mur Murr3:07
15.Take a Walkby Bibi Hanuk3:38
16.Whisky on the Rocks & Hopeby Jalla Jalla1:56
17.Heavenby The Autobiographical Dancers4:07
18.Radio Fliesby Psychoplasma2:44
19.Hulluksi teetby Kosmonauts5:15
20.Maria Magdalenaby Mana Mana4:28
21.Rubber Balletby Ravin' Seeds2:19
22.Wintertimeby Machine Gun Macbeth3:18

Disk #2

1.Hummin' Birdby Livin' Drops3:21
2.Play With Fireby Johnny Spunky1:50
3.Unimaailmaby Levä3:08
4.Pretty Liesby Little Mary MixUp2:58
5.I Fell Like Romeby Bird in the Bush2:30
6.Toukokuussaby Aknestik2:58
7.Paranoidby Poverty Stinks2:43
8.The Manhuntby The Undertakers3:21
9.Lisaby Far Arden2:39
10.Show Me Girlby Greenhouse AC3:07
11.(I Don't Wanna) Say Goodbyeby Lowdown Shakin' Chills3:36
12.Heaven Sent Youby God's Lonely Men2:47
13.Galaxiesby Dog Eat Dog2:55
14.Alphabet Peopleby The Kidney2:47
15.Always in Your Timeby Sad Circles3:43
16.Lautallaby Wilma3:37
17.Coogee Girlby The Lunatunes3:43
18.DNAby Circle3:31
19.All the Goodsby Huggin’ Wayne2:30
20.Americaby The Barefoot Brothers2:19
21.Poor Jimmy's Birthday Partyby The Nightingales2:11
22.Shipsby Dimension 42:51
23.On the Saddleby Room 1003:47
24.Turning Everything Upside Downby The Bee Meeting2:40

Disk #3

1.Blue Skyby Going Public3:39
2.Subsonicby Sick Things International2:52
3.Regret Songby The Peppermints4:36
4.Easyby Supperheads2:59
5.Fruitby The Pansies3:14
6.Springby The Refreshments3:13
7.Guideby Swellheads3:24
8.Fridayby Love Handles4:15
9.Rubber Babyby Larry and The Lefthanded1:50
10.Diesel Engineby Sweetheart3:38
11.Fusionby Kitchen Sink3:30
12.Loving Songby Nerd4:28
13.Vanishingby Chickweed Wintergreen4:28
14.Heavenly Blueby Coo4:53
15.Fuckheadby Mummypowder2:21
16.Velocityby Penniless People of Bulgaria3:12
17.Playing With Dinosaurby Lemonator2:30
18.Hypnotized!by Thee Ultra Bimboos3:25
19.Last of the Famous International Playboysby Russian Love3:25
20.Build Me a Lifeby Romantic Vision4:20
21.Seikkailuunby Karkkiautomaatti3:34
22.Mitään muuta ei ooby Lehtivihreät2:50

Disk #4

1.Back in the Cageby The Hypnomen2:22
2.Crashing Downby The Flaming Sideburns2:56
3.Sea of Loveby Mother Goose3:10
4.Sugaredby The Crash4:16
5.My Blue Angliaby Cessna3:03
6.Monsterby Tweed3:46
7.Hold Me Nowby Come Inside3:27
8.Rock 'n' Roll Boyby The Sugarrush3:55
9.Out of Orderby Atom Heart3:41
10.Funkingby Op:l Bastards3:59
11.Helsinki Rock Cityby Giant Robot4:04
12.The Summer of '99by The Duplo!2:35
13.Splitby Fridge2:03
14.Would You Believe Me?by Frostbites3:32
15.Vielä joskus havahdun enkä ajattele sinuaby Ultramariini4:10
16.Machineby Kukka3:39
17.Viitostieby Aavikko4:54
18.Car & Chauffeurby Super4:36
19.Yöaikaanby Ville Leinonen & Valumo4:21
20.To See Only Shadowsby Office Building5:21