Sloppy Seconds, Volume 1 by Various Artists

Sloppy Seconds, Volume 1

by Various Artists

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:17:54


1.We're From the Internetby CunninLynguists3:44
2.Pump It Up Freestyle (feat. Natti)by CunninLynguists2:50
3.Watch Yo Mowfby Deacon The Villain2:01
4.Over the Hillsby Deacon The Villain4:26
5.P.T.A. (feat. King Tee and J-Ro)by Masta Ace2:32
6.Skew It on the Bar-B Freestyleby CunninLynguists1:54
7.Chico and the Man LP Dropby CunninLynguists0:42
8.???by CunninLynguists1:00
9.Love Ain't (remix) (feat. Tonedeff)by CunninLynguists3:36
10.Deacon the VIllain LP Dropby CunninLynguists0:34
11.Affirmative Action Freestyleby CunninLynguists2:05
12.Sticky Green (feat. Showtime & Deacon the VIllain)by Mr. SOS3:01
13.Earth's Essenceby Mr. SOS3:10
14.If U Only Knew (feat. Anetra)by KRS‐One1:31
15.Off the Chainby J. Bully4:51
16.Mic Like a Memory (remix) (feat. Kory Calico)by CunninLynguists3:58
17.The Fellationellesby CunninLynguists2:38
18.Nasty Filthy (remix) (feat. Substantial & J. Bully)by CunninLynguists3:42
19.Irrational (feat. Deacon the VIllain)by Sean Price1:17
20.Dem Thangs Freestyleby CunninLynguists1:50
21.Never Scared Freestyle (Philaflava Drop remix)by CunninLynguists1:59
22.Lay Low Freestyle (Philaflava Drop)by CunninLynguists2:55
23.Seasons (remix) (feat. Masta Ace)by CunninLynguists3:37
24.Made You Look Freestyleby CunninLynguists2:57
25.Rock Stars (feat. Kno)by Chapter 133:06
26.Welcome to Ny Freestyleby CunninLynguists3:04
27.Mr. SOS LP Dropby CunninLynguists0:47
28.Rap Name Freestyleby CunninLynguists3:18
29.Cashmere the PRO LP Dropby CunninLynguists0:39
30.Magic Stick Freestyle (feat. Nuke, Cashmere the PRO & Mac Lethal)by CunninLynguists4:10