Smear Campaign mp3 Album by Napalm Death

Smear Campaignby Napalm Death

  • 18 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 54:26


1.Weltschmertz (Intro)1:28
2.Sink Fast Let Go3:24
4.Puritanical Punishment Beating3:26
5.When All Is Said And Done3:02
6.Freedom Is The Wage Of Sin3:10
7.In Deference3:14
8.Short Lived3:06
9.Identity Crisis2:45
10.Shattered Existence3:11
11.Eyes Right Out3:14
12.Smear Campaign2:49
13.Warped Beyond Logic2:00
14.Rabid Wolves For Christ1:25
15.Deaf & Dumbstruck2:46
16.Persona Non Grata2:47
17.Call That An Option (Bonus)3:03
18.Atheist Runt (Bonus)6:44
Any Napalm fan will appreciate this extreme, intense fast, ultraviolent release from the most energenic, spontaneous, Metal band in the world!