Songs About Nothing mp3 Album by Jason Lescalleet

Songs About Nothingby Jason Lescalleet

  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:16:52


Disk #1

1.The Beauty of Independent Music1:27
2.Old Theme2:34
3.Tarnished Copper (Copper Will Never Be Gold)2:33
4.The Loop1:40
5.Euphoric Sting2:20
6.Beauty Is a Bowtie (HTDW)2:14
7.The Power of Pussy4:01
9.In the Morning, in the Winter Shade, on the First of March, on the Holiday2:28
10.Friday Night in a Catholic Home2:06
11.10 Amp Waves2:12
12.I Killed Another Day2:31
13.In Through Yhe Out Door and Another Whore5:08

Disk #2

1.The Future Belongs to No One43:11

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