Songs For The Rejects, Slackers & Rabble-Rousers mp3 Album by Mississippi Bones

Songs For The Rejects, Slackers & Rabble-Rousersby Mississippi Bones

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 43:03


1.Larry The Martyr3:08
2.Scally Wags And Ne're Do Wells3:01
3.Geology 1013:07
4.In Regards To Euphony, Entropy, And Transdimesional Ecologists4:03
5.The Electric Church2:46
6.If You Find Hell Lonely4:40
7.The Real Housewives Of Alpha-Centauri Vii3:38
8.Logical Grace (An Automaton Hymn)3:49
9.All's Well That Ends (Are We Having Fhtagn Yet)3:04
10.Nobody's Witnesses3:50
11.Voyages Of The Starship Socalize3:20
12.Apoceclectic Visions4:37