Songs From The Big Chair (Super Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by Tears For Fears

Songs From The Big Chair (Super Deluxe Edition)by Tears For Fears

  • 59 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:04:51


Disk #1

2.The Working Hour6:32
3.Everybody Wants to Rule the World4:11
4.Mothers Talk5:06
5.I Believe4:55
7.Head Over Heels / Broken (live)5:02
9.The Big Chair3:22
10.Empire Building2:52
11.The Marauders4:16
12.Broken Revisited5:16
13.The Conflict4:04
14.The Working Hour (piano version)2:08
16.When in Love With a Blind Man2:23
17.Sea Song3:55

Disk #2

1.The Way You Are4:57
2.Mothers Talk (single version)3:55
3.Shout (single version)6:01
4.Everybody Wants to Rule the World (single version)4:13
5.Head Over Heals (remix)4:17
6.I Believe (a soulful re-recording)4:42
7.Everybody Wants to Run the World4:35
8.The Way You Are (short version)4:22
9.Mothers Talk (U.S. remix)4:15
10.Shout (U.S. single version)4:07
11.Everybody Wants to Run the World (running version)4:33
12.Head Over Heals (radio version)4:17
13.Mothers Talk (video version)4:47
14.Shout (short version)4:48
15.Listen (clean intro)6:52
16.Intverview With Curt & Roland7:38

Disk #3

1.The Way You Are (extended version)7:43
2.Mothers Talk (extended version)6:17
3.Shout (extended remix version)7:42
4.Everybody Wants to Rule the World (extended version)5:41
5.Broken / Head Over Heels / Broken (Preacher mix)8:02
6.Mothers Talk (Beat of the Drum mix)8:57
7.Shout (U.S. remix)8:01
8.Everybody Wants to Rule the World (urban mix)6:02
9.Mothers Talk (U.S. remix - alternate)4:13
10.Shout (dub)6:48
11.Everybody Wants to Rule the World (instrumental)4:23
12.Shout (acapella)5:05

Disk #4

1.Head Over Heals (Richard Skinner session)4:16
2.The Working Hour (Richard Skinner session)6:08
3.Broken (Richard Skinner session)3:19
4.Mothers Talk (live at Massey Hall)4:05
5.The Working Hour (live at Massey Hall)7:32
6.Broken / Head Over Heals (live at Massey Hall)5:11
7.Memories Fade (live at Massey Hall)6:52
8.Everybody Wants to Rule the World (live at Massey Hall)4:19
9.Shout (live at Massey Hall)7:49
10.Mothers Talk (early mix - instrumental)4:40
11.The Way You Are (early mix)4:25
12.Broken (early mix)5:39
13.Shout (early mix)5:09
14.Everybody Wants to Know the World (alternate single version)4:23

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Patrick Drome
I recently got the super deluxe edition on Red Eye and this collection is really such a fresh air. The first disc is a nice remastering of the classic while the other tracks shows the edits, remixes and something new to the whole but what really completes the set is the 2014 Steve Wilson mixes that's only included on fifth disc which is a DVD set. If anything, this is one of the best reissues of recent times and worth buying even if it's more than the price of a single disc.