Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 151 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 151by Various Artists

  • 32 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:30:12


Disk #1

1.A Grown Manby Seabound5:20
2.Sanctuaryby Leæther Strip6:30
3.Crisisby Lyronian5:24
4.Kommt näherby Crematory4:26
5.Anarvyn IIby Still Patient4:54
6.Belief (Trustful Seducer Version)by MRDTC4:09
7.Your Pure Heartby NZ3:33
8.New Life (Exclusive Sonic Seducer Remix)by Enter and Fall4:58
9.Hassweltby Epinephrin3:29
10.Gefällt mirby Das war Krach4:50
11.The Sunrise in Mayby Martyr Lucifer4:08
12.Trümmerfeldby Herzparasit3:43
13.Sombrasby Erszebeth5:05
14.Les Rapptors S'Inversent (Roger Rotor Inverse Les Rôles)by 2kilos &More4:50
15.Winter Dreamby Philipp Münch & Loss5:14
16.Zero Gravityby Paranoid Android3:53
17.Killergeistby Deathless Legacy4:30

Disk #2

1.Für immer (Lord of the Lost Version)by Subway to Sally4:08
2.Caravanserei (Live)by Loreena McKennitt5:51
3.Auf in den Windby Versengold7:22
4.Sisyphosby Reliquiae3:55
5.Macha Laír Ruaby PurPur3:37
6.Gemeinsamby Metusa5:15
7.Unterm Sichelmondby Elmsfeuer5:32
8.Lebenskraftby Wanderreigen3:46
9.Plankentangoby Vroudenspil3:37
10.Vabadosby Grex Confusus3:53
11.Poc Vecemby WirrWahr7:29
12.Der Ortby Skalden4:59
13.Faeyby Faey3:16
14.I Riden Saby Brigandu4:55
15.Quem A Omagen Da VIrgenby Lyra Musica3:41