Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 199 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 199by Various Artists

  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:17:18


1.Council Of Wolves And Snakesby Dimmu Borgir5:22
2.Niiv's Cauldronby Omnia6:19
3.Becoming Caligariby Wisborg4:24
4.Give Me A Reasonby Selofan4:19
5.For All Beyondby Metalwings5:35
6.Evaporateby Midas Fall5:40
7.Relief (feat. Matteo Vdiva Fabbiani)by Florian Grey3:24
8.Voyagersby X-O-Planet4:30
9.Leave Me Confinedby Unity One4:04
10.The Living Torchby MonsterGod4:09
11.Dog With Two Bonesby Necrotekk5:02
12.Life In The Valley Of Death (Exklusiv Vorab)by Aïboforcen5:29
13.Don't Followby The Crimson Ghosts4:31
14.Schrei Nichtby TAINA3:00
15.WTFby Hellwerk3:52
16.Echoes From Another Tractby Hand In Waves3:35
17.Goodbye Electric Sundayby Bruce Lamont4:03