Sopwith Camel (Remastered) mp3 Album by Sopwith Camel

Sopwith Camel (Remastered)by Sopwith Camel

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 28:38


1.Hello Hello2:28
2.Frantic Desolation2:17
3.Saga of the Low Down Get Down1:53
4.Little Orphan Annie2:54
5.You Always Tell Me Baby1:50
6.Maybe in a Dream2:09
7.Cellophane Woman2:32
8.The Things That I Could Do with You2:17
9.Walk in the Park2:32
10.The Great Morpheum2:53
11.Postcard from Jamica2:34
12.Treadin' [Bonus Track]2:19