Soul Deluxe & Suntree's Christmas Blend mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Soul Deluxe & Suntree's Christmas Blendby Various Artists

  • 23 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:20:28


1.New Lady (Carlos Vargas Remix) (and Wendy Lewis)by Steven Stone7:51
2.I Found My Way (Oded Nir Lounge Remix) (and Pete Simpson)by Steven Stone7:28
3.Temptation (Scott Diaz Faithful Dub Remix) (and Nicole Mitechell)by Steven Stone6:35
4.Running to Love (Richard Earnshaw Remix) (and Andrea Love)by Steven Stone7:05
5.Believe (Knee Deep Dub Remix) (feat. Seyla and Steven Stone)by Roberto De Carlo6:38
6.You Changed My Mind (and Simon Green)by Steven Stone6:42
7.No Lies (Matt Early & Robert Rivera Remix) [feat. Nicole Mitechell]by Steven Stone8:20
8.Who's to Blame (DJ Mannix Remix) (and Mark Evans)by Steven Stone8:18
9.Live My Life (Gregory del Piero Remix) (and Simon Green)by Steven Stone7:41
10.Game Over (Louis Benedetti Club Vox Remix) (and Wendy Lewis)by Steven Stone6:13
11.Never Give Up (Central Avenue Remix) (and Mark Evans)by Steven Stone7:57
12.Moonlight (feat. Claudia Di Lemme)by Oded Nir5:25
13.Again & Again (Steven Stone Remix) [feat. Chappell]by Oded Nir7:04
14.In Love Again (Steven Stone Remix) (and Asi Tal)by Meital De Razon5:34
15.Friends With Benefits (Haldo Remix) [feat. Kaysee]by Marcus Gauntlett6:47
16.Fools Rush in (D-Reflection Remix) [feat. Oby]by Marcus Gauntlett5:36
17.Into Your Heart (Richard Earnshaw Remix) [feat. Gia Mellish]by Oded Nir6:26
18.So Special (Kenny Summit Remix) (and Asi Tal)by Meital De Razon7:24
19.Late Night Flight (Berny Dub Remix) [feat. King Dread James]by Oded Nir2:42
20.Rising (Oded Nir Remix)by Silvano Da Silva6:08
21.Midnight Snacker (JT Donaldson Remix) [feat. King Dread James]by Oded Nir7:11
22.Soul Deluxe Christmas Blend (Continuous DJ Mix)by Oded Nir1:08:13
23.Suntree Records Christmas Blend (Continuous DJ Mix)by Steven Stone51:10