Square Matrix 002 (Limited Edition) mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Square Matrix 002 (Limited Edition)by Various Artists

  • 24 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:50:25


Disk #1

1.H (single H)by Nebula-H3:39
2.Twilight Zoneby Nebula-H4:07
3.Inhibition H01 (feat. Aïboforcen)by Nebula-H4:55
4.Twilight Zone (feat. Dirk Ivens)by Nebula-H3:36
5.Here's Your Revolutionby Neikka RPM3:51
6.Bound With Sympathy (Razed in Black mix)by Neikka RPM5:08
7.Here's Your Revolution (Negative Format mix)by Neikka RPM4:00
8.Bound With Sympathy (Terrorfakt mix)by Neikka RPM3:36
9.A Day on My Own (feat. Tekita)by Mnemonic5:10
10.World Outlook (Neon Electonics mix)by Mnemonic5:22
11.Pool (feat. Redux)by Mnemonic4:57
12.Nuce (feat. L.iet)by Mnemonic4:29
13.Otherworldby Implant1:51
14.All I Wantby Implant4:55
15.?que pasa cabron?by Implant5:54
16.All I Want (Sanka mix)by Implant6:18

Disk #2

1.Twilight Zone (feat. Eaven)by Nebula-H3:26
2.Inhibition H02 (feat. Aïboforcen)by Nebula-H5:22
3.Here's Your Revolution (Implant mix)by Neikka RPM5:08
4.Bound With Sympathy (DJ Hellraver mix)by Neikka RPM3:41
5.Cranby Mnemonic6:02
6.World Outlook (D&B mix by Mlada Fronta)by Mnemonic6:20
7.All I Want (Neuro D mix)by Implant4:22
8.All I Want (Interlace mix)by Implant4:16