Square Matrix 004 (Limited Edition) mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Square Matrix 004 (Limited Edition)by Various Artists

  • 24 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:51:13


Disk #1

1.No Pulse (single mix)by Glis3:56
2.Release the Painby Glis4:34
3.No Pulse (Grendel mix)by Glis5:01
4.No Pulse (Tactical Sekt mix)by Glis5:44
5.Unbreakable (radio)by Seize3:50
6.Don't Let Me (Yuri radio mix)by Seize4:01
7.Too Good to Be True (breaks mix)by Seize4:49
8.Don't Let Me (DJ RAM mix)by Seize4:14
9.Debrisby Ayria5:05
10.Debris (Chipset mix)by Ayria3:58
11.Debris (Rotersand rework)by Ayria6:36
12.Disease (Razed in Black mix)by Ayria4:45
13.Die Sechste Armee (Club Is a Battlefield cut)by Dunkelwerk4:30
14.Underfireby Dunkelwerk4:41
15.Die Sechste Armee (Agonoize remix)by Dunkelwerk4:35
16.2Hell (Autoaggression mix)by Dunkelwerk4:10

Disk #2

1.No Pulse (Unter Null Undead mix)by Glis4:17
2.The Falling Time (V 2.0)by Glis4:28
3.The Other Side (Somegirl mix)by Seize4:30
4.Unbreakable (Greenhaus mix)by Seize5:48
5.Disease (Retromix by Kiew)by Ayria5:00
6.Dos (Tecnoman Sf remix)by Ayria4:48
7.Die Sechste Armee (Implant mix)by Dunkelwerk4:28
8.Underfire (Human Decay Piano edit)by Dunkelwerk3:25