Stay Positive (Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by The Hold Steady

Stay Positive (Deluxe Edition)by The Hold Steady

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:55:04


1.Constructive Summer2:55
2.Sequestered in Memphis3:33
3.One for the Cutters4:42
4.Navy Sheets3:22
5.Lord, I'm Discouraged5:09
6.Yeah Sapphire3:36
7.Both Crosses4:35
8.Stay Positive2:58
10.Joke About Jamaica4:35
11.Slapped Actress5:17
12.Ask Her for Some Adderall2:49
13.Two Handed Handshake4:14
14.Cheyenne Sunrise4:13
16.40 Bucks3:54
17.This Isn't Enough3:32
18.You Tremble2:19
19.Ballad of The Midnight Hauler3:11
20.Sequestered In Memphis (Demo)2:47
21.Yeah Sapphire (Demo)3:57
22.Stay Positive (Demo)2:45
23.Lord, I'm Discouraged (Demo)5:15
24.Magazines (Demo)2:41
25.Ask Her For Adderall (Demo)2:45
26.Two Handed Handshake (Demo)5:05
27.Joke About Jamaica (Demo)5:31
28.Creepy Harpsichord Jam (One for the Cutters) (Demo)4:41
29.40 Bucks (Demo)3:58
30.Phil Spector (Spectres) [Demo]3:53