Strange Days (50th Anniversary Edition) mp3 Album by The Doors

Strange Days (50th Anniversary Edition)by The Doors

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:10:26


1.Strange Days3:10
2.You're Lost Little Girl3:05
3.Love Me Two Times3:16
4.Unhappy Girl1:59
5.Horse Latitudes1:36
6.Moonlight Drive3:05
7.People Are Strange2:13
8.My Eyes Have Seen You2:29
9.I Can't See Your Face in My Mind3:26
10.When the Music's Over10:56
11.Strange Days (mono)3:08
12.You're Lost Little Girl (mono)3:02
13.Love Me Two Times (mono)3:17
14.Unhappy Girl (mono)2:00
15.Horse Latitudes (mono)1:35
16.Moonlight Drive (mono)3:03
17.People Are Strange (mono)2:13
18.My Eyes Have Seen You (mono)2:27
19.I Can't See Your Face in My Mind (mono)3:26
20.When the Music's Over (mono)11:00