Street Corner Symphonies: The Complete Story of Doo Wop, Volume 2 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Street Corner Symphonies: The Complete Story of Doo Wop, Volume 2by Various Artists

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:23:04


1.Count Every Starby The Ravens2:55
2.Turkey Hop, Part 1by The Robins2:42
3.I'd Rather Be Wrong Than Blueby The Beavers3:05
4.Do Something for Meby The Dominoes3:03
5.When You Come Back to Meby The Clovers2:48
6.Chief, Turn the Hose on Meby The Cap-Tans2:44
7.If You See the Tears in My Eyesby The Delta Rhythm Boys2:52
8.At Nightby The Orioles3:09
9.Jumping Jackby The Three Riffs2:26
10.I'll Never Love Anyone Else (and The Red Caps)by Steve Gibson3:01
11.I've Got No Timeby The Whispers3:01
12.I Will Waitby The Four Buddies2:21
13.Old Fashioned Loveby The Four Tunes2:53
14.Cool Saturday Nightby The Striders3:04
15.Do You Love Me (and The Fiddle)by The Cats3:27
16.I Don't Mind Being All Aloneby The Colemans2:47
17.Gone (My Baby's Gone)by The Blenders2:58
18.I'll Never, Never Let You Goby The Shadows2:33
19.She's Goneby The Dozier Boys3:07
20.As Long as I Liveby The Four Blues2:39
21.I Don't Have to Ride No Moreby The Ravens3:00
22.Mr. Bluesby The Masterkeys2:21
23.Please Believe in Meby The Carols2:27
24.Neverthelessby The Mills Brothers2:48
25.My Heart Cries for Youby The 5 Larks2:35
26.Young Girlby The Flames2:36
27.Who Was There to Blameby The Four Aces3:04
28.Lover Come Back to Meby The King Odom Four1:41
29.Rival Bluesby The Rivals2:23
30.A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makesby The Jubilaires2:34