Strong Tower mp3 Album by Kutless
  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 50:06


1.We Fall Down3:09
2.Finding Who We Are3:11
3.Take Me In4:17
4.Ready for You4:14
5.Draw Me Close3:47
6.All Who Are Thirsty4:14
7.Better Is One Day4:51
8.All of the Words3:47
9.Strong Tower3:59
10.Jesus Lord of Heaven3:21
11.I Lift My Eyes Up3:32
12.Word of God Speak3:48
13.Arms of Love3:56
Wow is what I can say after hearing this one. Each song manages to stay true to the Kutless sound without loosing the worship experience foun in songs such as We Fall Down , wich has a great original intro to it, All who are thirsty is amazing and so musch more. You have to get this recording if you don't already have it it. Kutless is a group of really talented guys who really know their craft in the music world. Strong Tower is an original by Kutless on this recording. This is easliy one of their best recordings to date!